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Monday, 28 November 2011

UKIP: OLAF and the further woes of Gerard Batten

Readers of this blog (and GLW's) will be aware that Gerard Batten has been accused of racism by a former member of his staff. He has been taken to an industrial tribunal over this. Click HERE for further details. Also click HERE

We were amused to note that Gerard was far from happy when he was told that our blogs had publicised this painful fact. Indeed, he has even attempted to silence us via the courts after he argued that the case was sub judice!

We were also amused to note that Batten has been employing failed mayoral candidate, Mick 'Wolfman' McGough, as his driver and bag carrier! But we suppose that someone has to employ the idiot. It's just a pity that the British taxpayer is doing it via the EU!

We hear that Gerard is now the subject of an OLAF investigation -  OF/2011/10/17 - involving allegations of false accounting, fraud, nepotism and abuse. We understand that some of these concerns regard printing contracts given to Batten's brother. Please note that McGough has been signing off Batten's accounts. That would explain a lot! See an example below.

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