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Thursday, 10 November 2011

UKIP: Peter Reeve clashes with Eastern Region HQ

The Eastern Region is currently the scene of a major bust-up after it emerged that Peter Reeve - Eastern Region Organiser - had continued working for David Bannerman as a researcher following the MEP's defection to the Tories. Stuart Gulleford - wannabe MEP and manager of Agnew's Chelmsford office - is just one of those UKIPPERS in the East who are not best pleased with the former tractor part salesman. Indeed, there was quite a heated exchange between the two after it emerged that Reeve was listed as a researcher in Bannerman's new Tory publication on the EU. This was something that Reeve had conveniently forgotten to disclose to his UKIP colleagues in Chelmsford.

We can confirm that there are now growing calls for the UKIP RO to resign as many feel that his position is now untenable.

Peter Reeve is currently the subject of an OLAF investigation - along with Bannerman and Agnew - after it emerged that he was being illegally payed out of Agnew and Bannerman's EU allowances. See: LINK

There are growing concerns in Ramsey that Councillor Reeve has been abusing his position on the council in order to secure a chunk of lottery funds (£1.5 million) for groups, including the Neighbourhood Forum - groups that just happen to be controlled by his supporters.

Peter Reeve and Lisa Duffy, his girlfriend, are planning to seek selection as UKIP Eastern Region MEP candidates in 2014.


The General said...

No surprise there, Reeve and Duffy are famous for racing each other to be first with a snout in it when they see a trough.

Next two years will be fun as the greedies jostle for a position on the biggest gravy train in the world.

Hamilton(s), Reeve, Duffy, Allison and watch out for Farage's 'friend' Jane Collins coming up on the rails.

Funny how Mr Gulleford only gets agitated in the run up to EU list selection.

Greg_L-W. said...


what must always be remembered is that with UKIP's track record of failure in domestic elections, over 20 years, the only hope of enrichment on their horizon would seem to be EU elections.

Little wonder that such an incentive amongst such an unpleasant group as UKIP leadership and their self serving parasites leads them to squabble and defame without any understanding of ethics - to feed their greed.

Clearly the many decent members are little more than an inconvenience in the hunt for position on the EU gravy train.

Sadly small parties show greater corruption usually for lack of structure and organisation to conceal their own vile behaviour.

It is SAID that some 80% of the time and activity of many politicians is spent seeking re-election!

UKIP's record of corruption is pro rata way beyond that of any other party considering how minescule they are!

The new information on repayments forced on UKIP leadership shows that in statistical terms UKIP could be described as endemically corrupt and willing to unlawfully take large amounts of money from the public purse.

Unarguably UKIP leadership and their parasites are letting down not just UKIP but their electorate and the lack of ethics demeans these United Kingdoms.

Clearly such behaviour is condoned top down in UKIP as the record shows and the media is well aware!