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Saturday, 11 February 2012

More dire election results as UKIP lose council seats ... and UKIP councillor says he will resign over proposed changes to Party Constitution

UKIPPERS were reeling in shock in Staffordshire after the party lost two council seats to Labour and the Conservatives. Such much for Farage's claim that UKIP has the other parties on the run!

Labour ex-minister and former Staffordshire Moorlands MP Charlotte Atkins won a district council seat from UKIP at Leek North on a switch of more than 19% since last May. And Tory Neal Podmore gained Staffordshire's Leek South division. Both seats became vacant after the death of a UKIP councillor who represented them both.

Staffordshire County - Leek South: C 725, Ukip 556, Lab 432, Lib Dem 419, Moorlands Democratic Alliance 336, Ind 192. (June 2009 - Ukip 1766, C 1355, Lib Dem 905, Lab 470, Green 323). C gain from Ukip. Swing 7.4% Ukip to C.

UKIP lose seat. Support drops by 1210 votes!

Staffordshire Moorlands District - Leek North: Lab 514, Ukip 188, C 178, Moorlands Democratic Alliance 33, Lib Dem 24 . (May 2011 - Three seats Ukip 694, Lab 657, 527, C 423, Ukip 336, Ind 277, C 275, 170). Lab gain from Ukip. Swing 19.1% Ukip to Lab.

UKIP lose seat. 19.1% swing from UKIP to Labour!

And here is yet more proof that UKIP continues to decline under Farage's corrupt and inept leadership!

Hampshire County - Winchester Southern Parishes: C 1661, Lib Dem 1038, Ukip 133, Green 130, Lab 124. (June 2009 - C 2625, Lib Dem 1232, Ukip 557, Lab 139). C hold. Swing 5.2% C to Lib Dem.

Note that UKIP's support has dropped by 424 votes.

Northamptonshire County - Towcester: Lib Dem 1279, C 638, Ukip 124, BNP 66. (June 2009 - C 1648, Lib Dem 760, Lab 293). Lib Dem gain from C. Swing 31.6% C to Lib Dem.

South Lakeland District - Windermere Town: Lib Dem 418, C 85, Lab 50, Ukip 20. (May 2011 - Lib Dem 537, C 117, Lab 114). Lib Dem hold. Swing 1.7% C to Lib Dem.

South Northamptonshire District - Towcester Brook: Lib Dem 774, C 401, Ukip 129. (May 2011 - Three seats Lib Dem 857, C 831, Lib Dem 811, C 785, 753, Lib Dem 645, Ukip 266, 178). Lib Dem gain from C. Swing 13.6% C to Lib Dem.

UKIP's vote has decreased by 137 votes since last May.

We will shortly be publishing a very interesting series of internal emails on the proposed changes to UKIP's constitution and Farage's attempt to give him the final say on who stands in the Euro elections. We note that David Nixon, UKIP councillor, has said he will not rejoin the party in protest over this issue. Here is his email to Michael 'Who ate all the Pies' Greaves, UKIP General Secretary.

From: David Nixon
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 20:02:04 +0000
To: Michael Greaves;
Subject: RE: Constitution
When we have chosen candidates before and put them in order of preference for the E.U. elections along comes a person whom we have never heard of, who has never stood in an election for the party , who has never slogged round streets leafleting day after day, who was never a member of the party before the sudden parachuting in, etc.etc. to name but one, Kilroy-silk. I for one have had enough of this so called democratic party and am not rejoining. Borough Councill and Staffs County Councillor. David Nixon

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