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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

UKIP: Godfrey Bloom & the French Front National

We note that the leader of the French Front National, Marine Le Pen, is a member of the European Alliance for Freedom (EAF), a pan-European party. Godfrey Bloom is also a member. And according to the Austrian press, Godfrey Bloom is not merely a board member of the PEP, he is actually its President.

The key part of the article translates as: President of the alliance is the Britisher Godfrey Bloom of the UKIP, a party, which demands the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union.

The quote is taken from the following report: http://derstandard.at/1308680021593/EU-Moelzer-wirkt-in-neuer-EU-Rechtsaussenpartei-mit

So are UKIP members happy for one of their MEPs to sit alongside the leader of the Front National? And don't forget that Nigel Farage approved Bloom's joining the EAF. And you can expect more UKIP MEPs to join the EAF if the proposed UKIP constitutional changes take place! LINK

Marine Le Pen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (updated 9.2.2012)


In October 2011, after her resignation from the Alliance of European National Movements (AENM), she joined the European Alliance for Freedom (EAF), a Pan-European sovereignist platform created late 20102)

National Front (France) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (updated 9.2.2012)


"Marine Le Pen as new president of the Front National joined the European Alliance for Freedom in October 2011[152]. A pan-European sovereignist platform founded late 2010 and recognized by the European Parliament. The EAF has individual members linked to the Austrian Freedom Party of Heinz-Christian Strache, the British UKIP of Nigel Farage, and other movements such as the Sweden democrats, Vlaams Belang (Belgian flanders) and from Malta, Germany (Burger in wut), Slovakia (SNS)".

3) Protests at Austria far-right ball as Holocaust remembered | euronews, world news


"Heinz-Christian Strache of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) had invited others who fall under the umbrella of the eurosceptic European Alliance for Freedom, such as French National Front leader and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen".

4) Marine Le Pen guest of honour at the 31.1.2012


"Marine Le Pen, candidate of the National Front for the presidential election, was in Vienna following the invitation of the leader of the far-right party FPÖ, Heinz-Christian Strache, under the banner of the European Alliance for Freedom (EAF) which unites far-right populist factions of Europe".

5) Bernard-Henri Lévy: Madame Le Pen and Austrians Nostalgic for the Third Reich 1.2.2012


"And while she was at it, Mme La Pen took the occasion, during a "working meeting," to encounter again her partners of the European Alliance for Freedom".

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