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Friday, 10 February 2012

UKIP: Another round-up and Congratulations to Christopher Hudson

Farage and the Freedom of the City of London

We note that Farage has become a 'Freeman of the City of London'. UKIP even felt the need to put out a press release crowing about it. LINK

What UKIP forgot to mention was the fact that anyone can become a 'Freeman' by paying £30 and getting a couple of people to sponsor you (who are on the Common Council) and if you don't know any such members, the Chamberlains Court will assist you!

As one senior UKIP contact of the Junius Team has said, "Anyone can become a Freeman of the City after paying £30. Why Nigel felt the need to make a song and a dance about this is beyond me. I could get a couple of my supporters in NAME REMOVED to nominate me but, unlike Nigel,  my ego doesn't need boosting".

Do you want to nominate someone to become a 'Freeman of the City of London'? Then do what Nigel did and get them to apply here: LINK

Lord Pearson and the French Front National

We were interested to hear that Lord Pearson - former UKIP leader - has been having clandestine talks with the leadership of the French National Front. Would Pearson like to comment on the nature of these talks? We understand that Nigel Farage approved the meeting.

So when can we expect Pearson and Farage to be expelled from UKIP? After all, UKIP has a policy of expelling members who have links to far-right groups in the UK. So why should it be different if those groups are based in other countries?

Farage seeks to change UKIP Constitution

We note that Farage is seeking to change the UKIP Constitution - via control of the NEC - in order to give him the final say on who is selected to stand in the 2014 Euro elections. The changes will also give him the final say on whether UKIP joins a pan-European party. We will be publishing a series of very interesting emails on this tomorrow.

And finally ......

Congratulations to Christopher Hudson on getting elected as a Conservative Suffolk County Councillor. The runners-up were Labour with 804 votes and the Lib Dems with 514. Mr Hudson obtained 1,302 votes. We note that UKIP were unable to field a candidate due to the collapse of the branch representing the area.

Mr Hudson once worked for Jeffrey Titford in the Eastern Region but left UKIP in disgust after he became aware of widespread corruption in the party. Also see: LINK

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