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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

UKIP: Trevor Colman produces film on the EU

Mr Colman continues to do sterling work on behalf of the Euro-realist movement!

Against the background of a deepening crisis in the eurozone and the fact that Britain is required to hand over increasingly larger sums of bail-out money, South West UKIP MEP Trevor Colman has produced a film 'Leaving the European Union' which, he says, shows that Britain need not be involved at all in this political mayhem.

The ground breaking, 18 minute, film, based on the recently published book 'Time to say No', has already aroused widespread interest, particularly amongst members of both Houses of Parliament. 

'Much of what is in the film has either been hidden or never publicly discussed', says Mr. Colman.  'That is why, in addition to the internet launch, I am also producing a dvd version for free distribution to the public.  The information in the film is that important, especially now.'

Click here to watch it: http://www.th-eu-nit.com/ or phone 01626-83134.

1 comment:

Greg_L-W. said...


it is sad that with all the resources at his disposal a long out dated and very boring talking head video passes for achievement!

You will note I tweeted on this tedious talking head video a couple of days ago!

The details that Trevor Colman is so recently catching up with was published in October 2009 and you can read it in full at:
Ian Milne put forward the details and as you can see I published them long ago, his book is readily available heavily discounted on Amazon.

The video presented is boring in the extreme and its method of imparting info. is so out of date it fails to make its point.

The visuals are poor and the backup is worse - May I once again suggest that poor old Trevor's career experience as an old school pedestrian plod show again and again in his misunderstanding and lack of ability in the field of marketing!

You need only look at which videos on You Tube get a following to realise this effort was misguided and inept - Even with massive advertising it is unlikely to reach many beyond the already converted looking for an angle they can use which sadly it lacks.

Well done for trying Trevor but why not let Sinclaire's ACTUAL achievements guide YOUR ambitions rather than waste your timne and our money!