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Monday, 13 February 2012

UKIP's Peter McGuiggan: Another member of the Nigel Farage 'Useful Idiots Club'

Mike Nattrass: The subject of yet more smear attacks by Peter McGuiggan, another one of Nigel's useful idiots

Johnny Come Late: The Delusional Buffoon Peter McGuiggan

We note with amusement the desperate attempts by party loner Peter McGuiggan to claim that Nikki Sinclaire, Mike Nattrass and Trevor Colman have betrayed UKIP by leaving the EFD. His constant attacks of hatred on the UKIP members forum are, of course, made safely from behind his computer screen, he being too much of a spineless coward to mention any of his gripes to Mike Nattrass when in the same company. Indeed, he appears to despise Mike the most!

Peter’s buffoonish antics first came to people’s attention, when he made a complete fool of himself at UKIP's West Midlands PEP debate last year when he stood up in the audience to hurl abuse and rudely interrupt speakers making presentations. Fellow members were less than impressed and he quickly sat down as his outbursts drew hisses and shouts of ‘’shut up’’ from the audience.  

Others may remember him from his embarrassing outing as a UKIP candidate on the 16th of June - also last year - when he scrapped a massive 180 votes! Throughout that campaign Peter refused to contribute a penny and demanded EU funding to pay for his by-election leaflets despite having being told this was against electoral law! However, Peter was given personalised leaflets for his campaign.

And how did he thank those that went to the effort of producing and paying for these? He hoarded them under the bed and lied about delivering them!

Had Peter spent as much time campaigning for UKIP as he spent as an arm chair warrior he might have achieved a more impressive result. And don't forget that - like most Farage sycophants - Peter supported UKIP signing up to a PEP - thankfully most members aren't so easily led!

NEC member Douglas Denny is also becoming increasingly annoyed at Peter's immature online posts. Here is what he recently had to say after yet another unwarrented attack on Mike Nattrass:

‘’Mikes worth to the party and to the cause has been infinitely greater than yourself - of that I have no doubt whatever.   Your leaving the party will have no effect and might even be to the good, whereas his leaving the party will be definitely to the detriment of the cause and party’’

We happen to agree!

Despite being put in his place, Peter continues to attack Mr Nattrass, proclaiming that he has just FOUR diary engagements for Febrauary 22nd 2012. He also claims that Mike pockets £300k pa amongst other rubbish in the hope that mud will stick.

Well Peter, if you're not happy in UKIP, we suggest that you go back to the party you came from - the BNP!

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