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Friday, 3 February 2012

Nikki Sinclaire publishes a full audit of her accounts


We note that Farage, Batten, the odious Nuttall, Clark, Dartmouth, Bloom, Bufton, Andreasen and Agnew have ALL failed to follow her example and publish a full audit of their own accounts. They clearly have much to hide! 


Issue Date: 1st February 2012
West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire has this week had her accounts successfully audited for the third year.
This is embarrassing for the Parliament she sits in, as the European Union has failed to get their accounts audited for 17 years.
The Independent MEP made her promise at the time when she took her role that she would be completely transparent when it came to her finances, and she proved this when she was the first MEP to get their accounts scrutinised by auditors. Nikki has also encouraged other MEPs to get their finances to be scrutinised in such a way. 
Nikki said, “In times of financial austerity, it is important that the electorate know where their money is spent. Transparency is my number one aim. With the European Union being unable to audit its accounts for the past 17 years, it is no wonder that the majority of this country questions our membership”.
In fact for the year (1st January – 31st December 2011), Nikki subsidised her general expenditure to the tune of £41927.47, which has helped fund her work in the West Midlands region.
Nikki’s General expenditure allowance (as specified in Article 28 of the EU regulations)

Office management and running costs in particular heating and running costs (heating, lighting, insurance and cleaning)
The cost of purchasing or renting office equipment
Telephone, including mobile phone and postal charges
The cost of office supplies and stationery
The cost of purchasing books, periodicals and newspapers
The cost of using public data consultation networks
The expenses involved in equipping Members with communications equipment and maintaining that equipment, for example the purchase or rental of a telephone, a fax machine, a computer, a modem or communications card, a printer, other IT equipment, computer peripherals and software packages:
The cost of a subscription to the Internet and to
Representation activities:
Hotel bills and other related expenses incurred in
travelling in a Member’s Member State of

·         Total General Expenditure: £86,977.87
·         Nikki’s subsidies to General Expenditure: £41927.47
·         Total General Expenditure Allowance received from
·         the EU: £45,050.40
·         This payment is received by every UK MEP from the EU regardless of their expenditure for this period.
It is not the first time that Ms. Sinclaire has supplemented her general expenditure to fund her work in the West Midlands, with a contribution in 2009 and 2010 of £10,453.00 and £26,512.00 respectively.
Nikki Sinclaire' audit certificate for this period can be seen online at at http://yourmep.org/transparency-accounts-2011.html
You will also find the previous fully audited accounts.


Greg_L-W. said...


I wonder what UKIP might have achieved if the garbage that has risen to the top had made the efforts and honoured their promises in the same way as Nikki Sinclaire.

I note Gerard Batten is spending public money with Nigel Farage's authority on harassing employees in Court and rushing around Police Stations trying to find a policeman who has heard of him or is sufficiently impressed by him being an MEP to make a fool of himself arresting you all at Junius and myself for publishing provable FACTS about him!

It seems Gerard Batten thinks he is not only important bust so important that he should be allowed to suppress the truth and use his elected office to abuse people and the law!!!

I gather he is making much of some sort of secret injunction preventing publication of details about his defence made in open Court when he was alleged to have acted racially and I gather in a manner likely to incite racial and religious gatred - or some such.

IF Gerard Batten has something to hide it seems he is making his position worse and not better by tring to hide the facts.

IF I am wrong on ANY of the FACTS I have published I do apologise and will publish the more accurate FACTS as soon as Gerard Batten provides and substantiates them!

It will be interesting to see his open and transparent accounts and even more interesting to note whether, like Nikki Sinclaire, he can show an auditted certificate showing he spent over £40K of his own money on the EUroSceptic cause.

A more extensive version of this statement of facts and queries will feature on some of my other blogs including The Gerard Batten blog at:

I do hope this establishes the facts and Gerard Batten contacts me with any additional facts he believes the electorate should know.

Personally I believe this jumped up little twerp is completely unfit for purpose and far more interested in self enrichment than ever he was interested in a policy of Leave-The-EU which he seems to use as a vehicle to preach his vile religious hatreds and fantasies whilst trying to subvert justice.

I believe Gerard Batten is utterly odious clearly corrupt and far better suited to his previous job as a shop assistant in a BT Shop!

May I remind Gerard Batten that to date NO ONE has EVER shown that either my blog or Junius have EVER published a fact of any consequence that we were unable to substantiate.

Telling lies about me and others in abuse of a public office ill becomes an MEP - most of the slime that lies and attacks me does so as cowards with fake IDs because they are ashamed of their own behaviour.

I gather Gerard Batten has acted corruptly and in cowardice in complete arrogant abrogation of British concepts of Justice behind my back trying to manipulate others.

I also note Gerard Batten may bemoan Junius publishing FACTS about him but hasn't the vaguest clue who comprises the Junius team - yet he wants to have 'person or persons unknown to him' arrested on his proven corrupt say so!

Gerard Batten is dragging the name of UKIP into the gutter he inhabits with vile liars and cheats like Mick McGough - Little wonder UKIP has failed to deliver!


Nigel Alderton said...

'Junius' must be Nikki Sinclaire then.


Nigel Alderton

Nigel Alderton said...

I guess Junius must be Nikki Sinclaire.


Nigel Alderton