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Monday, 21 January 2013

Gary Cartwright on UKIP and the last dictatorship


UKIP: The Last Dictatorship?

I don't know Olly Neville, the chap who was fired from UKIP for legitimately stating his personal opinion on gay marriage, but his article in the Huffington Post held no surprises for me. We appear to have some shared experiences.

According to the UKIP rulebook, he was entitled to express his personal opinion, even where it is contrary to perty policy (which is basically whatever Nigel farage says it is.)

The only thing that surprises me in all this is the number of chumps who are still taken in by this messianic scam.

The majority of people support the concept of equal marriage, at least in principle. This means, of course, that UKIP must oppose it. You do not have to be a political scientist to realise that you cannot win a majority from a minority constituency, but that is not what it is all about, is it? It is about tomorrow's headlines, and media profile. Not for the party, but for the Vozhd.

Olly Neville, judging by his article and from speaking to one or two UKIP members who have met him, appears to be intelligent and articulate, which means he had to be taken out. Too much of a threat, you see. Can't have a chap expressing his own ideas like that (although apparently it ok for some to do so).

I am told that UKIP is Britain's third party. I don't quite understand the math there. Lib Dems, the Tories, Labour, the Greens, SNP, DUP, Ulster Unionists, Plaid Cymru, Sinn Fein, all have MPs in Westminster. UKIP has none. So how does that put them in third place?

Of course there was Bob Spink MP, who took the UKIP whip for about 10 minutes until he realised what the game was and bailed out pronto.

The party is clearly undemocratic, and therefore there should be no place for it in British politics.
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