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Saturday, 19 January 2013

UKIP snippets - Crowther, Towler, Neville and Farage

Steve Crowther on Any Questions

Is there anyone who thinks that Steve Crowther - Farage sycophant and wannabe MEP - would make a good elected representative of the British people? Then they should have listened to his shambolic appearance on Any Questions!

Crowther has never been known for his intellectual qualities and that soon became VERY apparent when the subject of Olly Neville came up! Crowther bumbled, Crowther waffled, Crowther stumbled. But his evasive tactics failed to impress. He then finally had to admit that he had sacked Mr Neville.

Crowther's ONLY ability is a willingness to do exactly as he is told. Farage knows that he's desperate to become an MEP and would sell his own grandmother for advancement in the party. Farage chooses his sycophants well!

We just pity members in the SW who may face the prospect of this cretin being their number two candidate in the MEP elections!


The Olly Neville saga continues to rumble on! Richard Lowe, UKIP's PPC for Chester, was forced to resign after local party leaders said they would not campaign for "anyone who publicly supports same sex marriage". LINK

And how we laugh at the odious and disgusting Gwain Towler's attempts to spin UKIP out of this whole sordid business! And how ironic that Towler is the one forced to do Nigel's dirty work when it comes to handling the media! How it must stick in Towler's throat to condemn Mr Neville for his stance on gay marriage! After all, is not Mr Towler bisexual?

And let's not forget that Towler is hardly the sort of person that any self respecting party would want as their spokesman, let alone UKIP's moral guardian! He has more skeletons in his cupboard than Dr Frankenstein!

As Dr Eric Edmond has pointed out in his blog:

"there were serious and potentially UKIP national campaign busting allegations made about Mr Towler. The SWRCC, on whose list Towler appeared as number 3 held a long meeting that I was asked to recuse myself from which I did. That meeting voted for Towler to stand down as a UKIP candidate. It went to the NEC where Farage had Towler reinstated on the SW slate. That is what Farage means by democracy in EUKIP. You do and say what Nigel wants."
"Documentation concerning these allegations still exists. It may surface this time."
In the money
Nigel's begging letter
And so the Fuhrer has sent out yet another begging letter to the membership! We advise UKIPPERS to reject Farage's call for money UNTIL he tells them just how much he's donated to the party fighting fund himself. And why not ask him about that £211,000 that 'vanished' from the SE accounts? And how about a request for an audit of that £2 million he claimed in expenses as an MEP?

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