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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

YI Chairman discovers just how democratic UKIP really is!

Olly Neville


Olly Neville was elected chairman of UKIP's tiny youth wing. He received 62% of the 117 votes cast.

Please note that the total of 117 votes cast in the election confirms that YI's entire membership could fit in a VERY small village hall.

Mr Neville soon discovered that UKIP under Nigel Farage doesn't welcome independent thinking. Indeed, any deviation from the 'Nigel Farage line' is quickly dealt with in a manner that Hitler and Stalin would approve of! He was sacked!

And let's not forget that UKIP is full of MEP wannabes who just can't wait to do their master's bidding! Especially when Nigel has the final say on who will join UKIP's MEP lists! LINK

But back to the sacking.

Mr Neville appeared on the BBC's World at One (New Year's Eve) and committed the terrible crime of pointing out that EU elections are a sideshow and the real action is at Westminster.

He committed an even bigger sin by confirming his support for gay marriages. Shocking!

Nigel was far from pleased and got Steve 'Nigel, please make me an MEP' Crowther to send Mr Neville the following email:

The email admits that his views on EU elections was 'realistic' but would damage UKIP because they wanted to use the 2014 elections as a 'springboard for further progress'. We assume Mr Crowther means getting more of Nigel's sycophants - such as Crowther - on the EU Gravy Train. Please note Crowther's confirmation that the EU elections are a sideshow to Westminster. Nigel won't like that going public!

Crowther then goes on to lambaste Mr Neville for giving UKIP's 'opponants' the chance to point out that UKIP has no MPs. Crowther claims that this will give them the chance to describe the party as 'irrevelant'.

So is Crowther hoping that no-one will notice that UKIP has ZERO MPS? Indeed, Farage couldn't even beat a pro-EU candidate in Buckingham. And that's when none of the major parties were contesting it! LINK

The email concludes with condemnation of Mr Neville's views on gay marriages.

My Neville replied on his Twitter account:

YI elections were cancelled after I won the vote due to opposition to me. I won 62% of the 117 votes.

I also have emails of NEC members insulting my intelligence due to what seems to be my support of Equal Marriage
Farage wants a UKIP of free thinkers and prefers interesting eccentrics to the bland and boring. Excellent. http://m.guardian.co.uk/politics/2013/jan/07/nigel-farage-party-eccentrics-ukip …

Here is the email confirming Mr Neville's sacking:

Subject: NEC

Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2013 19:11:07 +0000

From: Steve Crowther

To: Olly Neville

Dear Olly

This is to let you know that the NEC has resolved that you should not continue to act as interim chairman of YI, owing to the problems regarding party policy and public statements about which we have corresponded over the past week. The General Secretary will send you the specific resolution.

I suggest that your Vice Chairman take over the coordination of YI activities in the interim, while the rules for the election are finalised and approved by NEC. Perhaps you could ask the VC to make contact with me.

Yours, Steve

So Mr Neville has discovered a very painful fact -

UKIP is a dictatorship where individualism and the right to disagree with the leader are forbidden.

UKIP is a party where Nigel's word is law.

UKIP is a party where you must learn to kiss the leader's arse if you want to get ahead.

As we said before, Hitler and Stalin would be proud!


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