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Monday, 4 November 2013

> A UKIP Leadership Coup?


"It's an utter shambles. We've no organisation, Mike Scott-Hayward is nowhere to be seen, no-one's heard from Christopher (Lord) Monckton (Ukip Scottish president) and it's really not like any political party I've ever heard of. Communications disappear into a black hole, there's brewing friction and internal politics has taken over. Every party has divisions but there's no structures here to deal with it. It's all very demoralising."  - Senior UKIP source.

The Herald in Scotland reports on a possible UKIP leadership coup north of the border. We think it would be a coup indeed if they could find any leadership at all up there!

The serial liar and conspiracy theorist, Monckton, has always been (theoretically) leader of UKIP Scotland. It is a shame he never made more use of his office, its the only one he claims that really exists. His humiliation in the US a few years ago was a delight to watch.
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Greg_L-W. said...


you may well find additional facts, details and opinions on this issue of help at:


Franny Hill said...

Monckton's testimony to the US Congress was indeed impressive, particularly in ghe face if such vile, hostile and unoarliamentary behaviour of a certain Democrat member towards an invited guest

It is little wonder that there is difficulty finding Scientists to face up to such egregious behaviour as we saw from Democrat member Inslee in the preceeding clip.