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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

> Ripping Off Paul Sykes!


Stuart Wheeler once offered to match any donation of £10k made by an MEP pound for pound. We understand that he has never had to pay out, because neither have they!

This one made us laugh. UKIP has a website for its MEPs. There is a page marked 'donations'. This, presumably, is to show the world how sincere the MEPs are in supporting the much vaunted 'cause'. But when one clicks on this link, do we learn all about the £££££££s that Farage, Batten, Nuttall, Clarke et al have donated?


What we see is an error message, telling us that the page (like the donations themselves) simply does not exist.

They simply do not make donations. If the page was set up in order to encourage donations, it clearly did not work. (Incidentally - the UKIP leadership reacts to Junius, so we can expect to see this page taken down and buried quite quickly).

But why should they put their hands in their pockets? Farage has been promising for some time that he will pull in a mug to pay the bills.

Enjoy signing those cheques, Mr Sykes. But you will be alone.....

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