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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

> New Political Group Forming in Brussels.


We can reveal the state of negotiations over the proposed far-right political group in the next period of the European Parliament.

Lega Nord, the racist Italian party that shares the presidency of UKIP's present group, the EFD, has declared that it will join with Front National, the Dutch Freedom Party, Vlaams Belang, and the particularly vile Sweden Democrats, as well as others after the 2014 Euro elections.

The sticking point is UKIP, which has been put into a corner and forced to deny taking part in any negotiations.

The Hungarian fascist party Jobbick is keen to join, but they have been put on hold until UKIP makes up his mind. A group including Jobbick would be unacceptable to UKIP, and Le Pen and Wilders would rather have UKIP anyway. Realistically they can take or leave Jobbick.

It is also the case that Farage would be unhappy playing second fiddle to Le Pen, as previously reported. However, a Murdoch/Sykes influenced victory in the Euros would give him a political boost, and redress the balance.

We all know how quickly the wind can change direction when Farage's personal interests are concerned, and he knows that the members of his cult will accept anything he says.
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