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Thursday, 7 November 2013

> Did Farage Lie To The Press About His Business Interests?


It was a huge embarrassment to Nigel Farage when his off-shore tax avoidance scheme was exposed by the press. He had of course recently criticised such schemes in the European Parliament. But of course, if it is him, it is different. He can do anything he wants.

Questions were also asked about his business interests, and his tax affairs. With regard to the latter, we understand that questions are still being asked.

In his own defence Farage claimed that, amongst other things, he had no business interests.  ‘I packed up business completely in 2004.’ he told the press.

This was not entirely true, as he was at that time director and sole shareholder of Thorn in the side ltd.

Now we note that he has revised his declaration of financial interests to the European Parliament.

He acknowledges that he is paid by the company a sum between 1001 - 5000 euros per month.

The question is, was he receiving an income at the time he told the press that he had  ‘ packed up business completely in 2004.’?

Investigative journalists might want to take a close look at this, we are reliably informed.
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Greg_L-W. said...


Nigel Farage was a director of his own company in cahoots with his brother.

It is also interesting to note that Nigel Farage lied about his Isle of Man tax dodge when he claimed he had not used it as he deposited about £!/4Million to his account in one cheque alone! The account is called Farage Educational Trust so perhaps he was merely being dishonest by seeking to mislead!

There is of course nothing dishonest about seeking to set up legal scams to avoid tax merely utter hypocricy when it is a politician particularly.

We all know high rollers such as footballers, comedians, entertainers and other hugely over paid individuals use such as Baxendale Walker to get out of paying taxes.

You may find Baxendale walker of help if you, like Nigel Farage, are grossly over remunerated just look him up on Google and draw your own conclusions - personally I find the man odious and beneath contempt on many counts, not least of which is his life style and bimbettes and his exploitation of every law he can find for gain, or so it seems.

He would seem to have the financial morality of scum like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Hamish Grossart, Angus Grossart and their ilk in my opinion but ethics and morality are clearly varied it would seem.

Much as Nigel Farage may be a consumate performer I for one find his ethics and morality deeply suspect and his ruthless derfence of his position at the troughs on the gravy train and his self serving authoritarian control of UKIP for personal gain beneath contempt. Particularly in respect to his abuse of patriotism for personal gain!

I am minded of the individual who recently offered a large donation to UKIP to match that which Farage made from his income, in percentage terms.

I gather he had no need to put his hand in his pocket.

We all remember Stuart Wheelers generouls offer to match any £10K or more donation by a UKIP MEP which has I gather cost him not one Penny to date!

Minded of the pensions for life these MEPs will also will also earn it does look as if it is not the cause of Leave-The-EU they are most interested in but their own self serving greed!