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Thursday, 28 November 2013

> Your Turn Now Aggers!


Stuart Agnew, MEP for the National Farmers Union, on the piss.

From UKIP's point of view, this is probably not the best time to have an internal war. Its probably not the best time to relieve a relatively sound press officer of his duties, either, but it would appear that the internal war is press office lead.

UKIP Norfolk Councillor Matthew Smith, who is under investigation by the police for 'electoral malpractice', has launched a bit of an attack on Eastern region MEP Stuart Agnew. He tweeted "Disappointed in UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew, am certain his comments aren't the norm, we've seen what happens when Bloom went down a similar path".

Bad form for him to be attacking his own party's MEP, but he is entitled to his opinion, at least theoretically. But is it his own opinion, or is it Agnew's turn to be stabbed in the back by the party leadership?

The latter seems quite possible, as the criticism was retweeted in the early hours of this morning by Annabelle Fuller, winner of the battle of the press office. Highly irregular for a press officer to publicly repeat an attack on one of the MEPs she is supposed to be working for.

Watch your back, Aggers. They are coming for you now!

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