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Thursday, 21 November 2013

> We're All Going To Die!


During a recent debate on the matter of voting age in the House of Lords, Baroness Royall of Blaisdon made this telling comment:

"On the issue of how to vote, there was a salutary example during the local elections earlier this year when a UKIP candidate standing for election went to the polling station and had to ask the council official present how to vote."

The behaviour of UKIP members at polling stations is always a point of interest for psephologists and social anthropologists alike. My own favourite was a rather disturbed looking gentleman outside a polling station during an English by election who insisted on yelling at everybody "The EU is illegal because of Magna Carta".

Still, at least he turned up, unlike UKIP candidate Dave 'Nazi salute' Watson, who was 6,000 miles away on polling day having abandoned his wife on family (presumably to find replacements!)

Sometimes, of course, UKIP candidate's behaviour at the polls can lead them to court.

Part of the problem, of course, is the demographics. Now we are not saying that the average UKIP member is elderly and poorly educated, but YouGov seem to be doing so in a recent poll:

"Demographically, UKIP voters attract men slightly more than women – and the party draws its support disproportionately from older people with fewer qualifications. Whereas 46% of all voters are over 50, and 38% under 40, the figures for UKIP are 71% and 15% respectively. And just 13% of UKIP supporters have university degrees – half the national average."

Stuart Wheeler, of course confirmed the problem back in November 2011.

“The average age of a Ukip member is 72,” the former Conservative Party treasurer says at a party in the City. “Thousands of us are going to die every year..."
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