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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Congratulations to UK First!

Considering UK First was only formed a few weeks ago they have done really well.

They outpolled both Libertas and the Jury Team across England.

In the South East they polled over 15,000 votes WITHOUT a leaflet!

In East Anglia they polled over 38,000 votes and helped deny the odious and corrupt Andrew Smith of UKIP a seat in Brussels.

And in the East Midlands they polled over 20,000 votes.

Also, Peter Cole beat both Labour and the Lib Dems in a local election.

Predictably Nigel Farage’s useful idiots have crawled out from the rotting woodwork in order to attack UKFP.

Matt Davies - who appears to have succeeded Bob Feal-Martinez as the Democracy Forum’s resident idiot - claimed that UK First had helped the BNP win two seats. Perhaps someone should tell him that the BNP won their seats in the NW and Yorkshire. UK First did not contest EITHER seat!

However, I suggest you tell him VERY slowly as he is of clearly very limited intelligence!

Here is UK First’s official statement:

Petrina Holdsworth, The United Kingdom First Party’s lead European Parliamentary candidate in the South East Region said today that she is very pleased with UK First’s performance in the European elections. "Despite standing in only three regions, we were able to outpoll many better-established, better-funded parties. More impressive still, UK First outpolled both Libertas and the Jury Team across England and Wales, despite the fact that those two parties stood more regions, were better funded, and each had the benefit of a party political broadcast," said Holdsworth.

"For a small party that has only existed for only a few months this is an excellent result. Clearly voters are attracted to our message, and this result is an excellent base on which to build our party."

In the Eastern Region, UK First and its lead candidate Robin Page polled 38,185 votes, placing 7th of 15 parties In the East Midlands, UK First came 8th overall, polling 20,561. In the South East Region, UK First polled 15,261, beating Jury Team.

United Kingdom First’s cumulative vote was 74,007, more than Libertas which stood in every English region, and within 5000 votes of Jury Team which stood in every region in the United Kingdom with the exception of Northern Ireland.

In addition, Peter Cole, UK First’s candidate in candidate in the Dunstable Downs Ward in Central Bedfordshire polled 856 beating both Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

UK First websites can be viewed at: http://www.ukfp.org/ & http://www.ukfirstparty.wordpress.com/


John Page said...

Yes a good start (and I mean no irony).

"Country before self" is really old-fashioned, though.

Junius said...

Yes, UK First did very well. Let us hope that they can keep it up.

I don't have a problem with the slogan but I am sure they would consider changing it if someone had a better one!