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Thursday, 4 June 2009

UKIP is getting really paranoid

Taken from UKIP's website:

UKIP is being inundated with calls from voters complaining that UKIP is not on the ballot paper.Voting has only been going on for three hours and already hundreds are calling the UK Independence Party to complain that they were not able to vote for the party.

The problem is that Returning Officers have been folding the ballot papers. They have been folding them so that the last two, three or four parties in alphabetical order are hidden when the first fold of the paper is opened. It thus appears that UKIP is not on the ballot paper.

UKIP has already contacted both the Electoral Commission and the Returning Officers on this matter.

So is UKIP suggesting that the voters are too stupid to unfold a voting slip?

Clearly UKIP is making a fuss as there are already signs that they are not going to do as well as Farage and his sycophants previously claimed. The folded ballot papers will be used as the excuse for a bad election result.

UKIP has been exposed time and time again as a party led by cheats, liars and crooks.

UKIP has been criticised by Open Europe for refusing to publish details of their expense claims, several UKIP MEPs are under investigation by OLAF and Farage has refused to say where his £2 million expenses went.

There was a rigged MEP selection process, the lies of Godfrey Bloom and David Bannerman, the removal of democratically elected NEC members, attempts to give Nuttall dictatorial powers and Farage sanctioned BNP smears against decent members.

The list is endless!

That UKIP - under it’s present leadership - is corrupt is obvious.

Don’t waste your time or your vote on this dishonest bunch!

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