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Friday, 19 June 2009

UKIP is just another Tory pressure group: Farage betrays UKIP's membership

Nigel Farage has approached David Cameron with a very interesting offer.

In exchange for an agreement to hold a referendum on EU membership Farage has promised not to field ANY UKIP candidates in the next General Election.

The Tory leadership is said to be considering the offer as UKIP could cost the Tories many crucial Westminster seats.

What is reprehensible about this offer is the fact that branches were not even consulted before Farage contacted the Tories. UKIP's membership is held in contempt by the Farage cabal. While Farage was promising to raise money for the GE he was secretly promising the Tories not to contest it!

Many UKIPPERS want UKIP to become a viable alternative to the old party system. They certainly don't want it to become an extension of the Tory Party.

Farage will try to sell this betrayal as a sign of UKIP’s strength. That he has persuaded the Tory leader to consider a referendum on EU membership will be hailed as a great victory for the Euro-realist cause. But the membership should realise that if Cameron accepts Farage’s offer it will mean the end of UKIP as a political party. It will prove that UKIP is nothing more than a Tory pressure group. Many members - who hate the Tories - will undoubtedly resign in disgust at this shoddy betrayal but will Farage care?

The answer is no. He never cared about UKIP. It was ALWAYS a means to an end. It was ALWAYS about Farage. He has been elected to the EU Gravy Train for another five years where he will continue to con the taxpayer out of millions in expenses.

There has also been talk of a secret deal between Farage and Cameron. Don’t be surprised if Farage becomes a Tory MEP, is offered a safe Tory seat in the General Election or even a place in the House of Lords.

That is his price for betraying UKIP. Farage's ONLY loyalty is to himself.

You were fooled. You only have yourself to blame!

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