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Friday, 26 June 2009

UKIP: Glenn Tingle WAS a member of the National Front

It has now emerged that Glenn Tingle - UKIP PPC for Norwich North - was a member of the National Front for a brief period as a teenager.

Documentary evidence of this comes, ironically, in the form of his resignation letter from the National Front. In it Mr Tingle says that he plans to enlist in the Army and that he has been informed that membership of the NF could threaten his chances of being accepted.

This handwritten letter, nearly 30 years old, still exists and is now in the possession of another political party.

The party in question may make this letter public once nominations close in an attempt to embarrass UKIP.

I would very much like to know if UKIP’s leadership were aware of this fact? Did Tingle deny his former NF membership when he applied to become a UKIP candidate. Is former membership of the NF acceptable to Farage? After all, he seems obsessed with the BNP and UKFP - both of which are proscribed parties according to UKIP's joke constitution. Indeed, Farage has been busily accusing various UKIPPERS of being in the BNP for the last few months. And even admitting to being a former member of the BNP means that you are denied membership of UKIP. So why is the NF different? Is it because his father is alleged to have been a member? Or is it because one of his former RO's used to be a member?

And what will UKIP left-wing extremist Mark Croucher say when he finds out?

Oh dear!


Change said...

Post the evidence then. Thought not, This is just another fantasy of yours !

Junius said...

It will be published. Be patient. All good things come to those who wait!

pollitix said...

C'mon you tease, which party? I suspect that it must either be the BNP or the National Front as it is unlikely that the NF has left its archives to Lib-Dems.

If you want to share any more thoughts then please email me at pollitix@hotmail.com

Junius said...

Pollitix, The party in question is the BNP. They have a copy of Tingle's resignation letter.

The Tories are also said to have a copy.

Guthrum said...

for a brief period as a teenager.

So what ? Is he a member now ?

Yet again rather than concentrate on policy, we go for the muck raking.


Junius said...

I said WAS a member.

Tingle should have come clean about this and not sought to hide it.

As a candidate he would have had to sign a document denying former membership of any 'extremist' party. So either Farage and Nuttall knew or Tingle lied.

What makes it even worse is the fact that Farage has been claiming several current and ex-UKIPPERS are supporters of the BNP and has used that as an excuse to remove them from the NEC or even the party.

So why is the NF different?

Greg L-W. said...


http://www.blogger.com/profile/13573103144616258086 aka GlennTingle

Firstly as you have just joined Blogger - welcome, anyone genuinely opposed to membership of the EU is welcome and doubly so as you reject all forms of racism.

In the light of your denial of NF membership and the failure of anyone to provide provenance - I accept your rebuttal as genuine.

IF you can find any comment regarding the claims of your National Front membership on my blogs PLEASE bring them to my attention and as they would be listed as hearsay or allegedly or some such I will be only too happy to make such adjustment as you reasonably wish.

We try very hard to be accurate on my blogs which include:
and I will ALWAYS correct any substantive error brought to my attention by an identifiable individual willing to put their name to the correction.

Good luck - are you standing on an anti EU membership ticket in the General Election or are you standing for EUkip again?

Greg L-W.