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Monday, 29 June 2009

UKIP: David Bannerman and allegations of bribery

To celebrate UKIP’s recent Euro victory a party was recently held at James Carver’s house in Nayland, Suffolk.

Both of UKIP’s Eastern Region MEP’s - Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman - refused to fund the event. This is despite the fact that both will earn over £80,000 a year as MEPs. And this figure does not include their expenses! Many UKIPPERS were less impressed after being told by Mr Carver that they had to bring their own food!

Many other members were also slightly miffed that they had been left off the guest list. UKIP South Essex members were certainly not welcome.

Unfortunately, UKIP South Essex forever blotted its copy book after complaining about UKIP’s corrupt MEP selection process.

Here is one such example:

Mrs Janet L Davies
75 Barrymore Walk

19th June 2008

FAO Christopher Gill
UKIP Head Office

Dear Christopher

I wish to lodge a complaint regarding the interviewing of the prospective MEP candidates in the Eastern Counties. It has come to my attention that the true democratic process has possibly been violated. I was present at the last National Conference and was invited by Jeffrey Titford to attend a drinks session and witnessed (along with all present) Jeffrey announcing Stuart Gulleford as his successor? I was then and am now appalled he said that. I am aware that he did sit in at some of these interviews did he please sit in at Stuart’s. If this is in fact the case that was a conflict of interests and it should never have been the case.

I have also been told that Peter Reeve was one of the interviewers and I have been told that David Campbell-Bannerman said that if he was chosen then he would keep Peter as RO? This could be looked upon as Bribery!

I have been told that a man who cost our Party £18,000 due to neglect on his part as Party Treasurer has gone through. Indeed, if the Electoral Commission gets their way this amount will rise and that will be a major financial catastrophe for our Party.

I understand that John West and Alison West have failed to go through even though this couple have already proved that they are more than capable of doing a sterling job through research and organisation. In fact these two were our most popular choice among our branch and I believe also in other branches around the six-counties.

I would like to fully support the final choice of candidates but only if I think they got there by fair means.

Would you please report to me on whether I am correct that these interviews have not been conducted fairly? I would hate to think our Party is becoming corrupted.

I understand that the setting up of this Interview panel was far from democratic?

Yours truly,

Janet Davies

Secretary South Essex Branch

I understand that Gill never even acknowledged the letter.

It may also interest you to note that Bannerman is to open a Cambridge Office, keep open the Chelmsford Office and has promised to employ both Reeve and Gulleford. I also understand that he is to employ Reeve’s lover - one Lisa duffy.

Clearly Bannerman’s promise to employ Reeve WAS bribery. It is no wonder that Reeve - a member of the MEP selection interview panel - was so keen to get him onto the list. Failure to do so could have resulted in the loss of his job as Regional Organiser - a job which earns him over £30,000 per annum. It would have also cost Scruffy Duffy - and would someone please tell her that washing yourself at least once a day is not an offence - a well paid job with Bannerman.

It should also be noted that Stuart Agnew - another UKIP Eastern region MEP - has openly boasted that he bought his way onto the MEP list by making large donations to UKIP.

And UKIP has the nerve to claim to be the Party of Probity!

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