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Monday, 1 June 2009

Godfrey Bloom: Don't waste your vote on this sordid individual

Bloom has admitted visiting brothels. He has been most insensitive about the plight of trafficked women. He might have something to say about the time, in 2005, that he was picked up by Brussels police after he ran out of a brothel near Gare du Nord without paying for his champagne.... You might also ask him about the black lady who took him to a cashpoint that same night....

Given his attacks in bars on Richard Corbett and Ferdinand Koenig, Bloom's "biog" on Twitter is ironic:

"Urbane, witty, well informed and sensitive, even as he punches your lights out."

Here, Annabelle Fuller (Bellatrix) refers to the flat in Brussels owned by Bloom's company, and used by Farage. So both stay in one flat, and both claim full expenses....?


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Don't talk rot. Farage and Godfrey rent out the flat which costs more than staying in cheap hotels.Just because you don't like Nigel doesn't mean he's breaking the rules.Tom Wise is not a UKIP MEP.

Here we see Bloom drunk "on duty". He boasts about his supremacy over east Europeans in the area of hedge funds. That would be the same hedge funds that contributed to the present economic crisis......... and the same hedge funds that contributed to Bloom's company being heavily criticised and fined by the FSA....

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