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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

UKIP: The stupidity and hypocrisy of Mark Croucher

The mentally challenged Mark Croucher - like Farage - is still busily trying to promote the idea that UKIP has been infiltrated by the BNP.

Despite frequent requests to name the infiltrators they have both declined to do so. Surely if they possess a list of names why don't they publish them?

But of course they can’t because they are lying. They use the BNP smear story in order to silence any who dare criticise Farage’s leadership. Dr Eric Edmond made the following observation on his blog:

This is what I fell out with him 10 minutes into my first NEC meeting. I made it clear to him then that I would not rubber stamp any of his ridiculous tirades and smears without seeing independent evidence to support his claims. To the best of my knowledge Farage has never produced any evidence of BNP moles/infiltrators or whatever in UKIP”.

Although Croucher is happy to denounce others as being far-right he has himself been more than happy to submit articles to a magazine whose editor has been accused of being a supporter of the far-right. The magazine in question - Right Now - was often accused by far-left groups of being fascist in outlook.

As ‘Barboo’ has pointed out on the British Democracy Forum:

“It would have been difficult to get much closer to the BNP than Mark Croucher did when he submitted an article to Right Now! magazine, published in October/November 2003.

Editor Derek Turner, said to have described himself as a 'neighbourhood Nazi', wrote: "To commemorate the magazine's tenth anniversary, issue 42 contains a unique series of articles on the British 'Right'". The contents list included:

The Freedom Party - No change, no chance by Cllr Mrs Sharron Edwards

United Kingdom Independence Party - Who governs Britain? by Mark Croucher

British National Party - Is the BNP about to become mainstream? by John Bean

Having an article appear sandwiched between one by the former deputy leader of the BNP, and another by the editor of the BNP magazine 'Identity', is just the sort of link which would have Mark Croucher screaming 'fascist' and 'nazi' if the author had been anyone who had fallen out of favour with the UKIP leadership!”

In the same thread John West replied:

"Funny how Croucher has declined to comment on this. Perhaps someone should tell searchshite they have a fascist in their midst".

Although Croucher is already in the pay of Farage you can expect Croucher to become an official full-time employee of UKIP after June 4th.

His willingness to lie for his master will be well rewarded.

For more on Croucher: LINK

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