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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

UKIP's David Bannerman: Your local MEP?

I note that David Bannerman - UKIP’s very own serial liar - has yet to move into the region he is supposed to represent.

In UKIP’s official email database he is still listed as:

Mr David Campbell Bannerman
West London

I wonder how many of the Eastern Region electorate were aware that he did not live in their region? He certainly did not mention it in his election address.

But should we be surprised at Bannerman’s lack of openness?

He has lied about being related to a former prime minister. He does not even seem sure about his surname. Sometimes he refers to himself as David Bannerman, David Campbell-Bannerman or David Campbell Bannerman. He claims to be a script writer but has anyone ever seen ANY of his scripts? He has been accused of attempted bribery. There are questions about his sexuality. And his involvement in Northern Ireland’s so-called peace process has been greatly exaggerated. Indeed, to hear Bannerman talk you would think that he was personally responsible for it!

Bannerman is a fraud and a liar. His only desire was to join the EU Gravy Train. He used the electorate. Sadly, they voted for a man without principles or decency. However, they will soon come to regret their foolishness.


Greg L-W. said...


I note this ghastly little oik David Bannerman has not only cheated but brought disrepute on the body politic with the manner in which he is willing to prostitute his views, status and identity to get his snout into the troughs on the EU Gravy Train.

I note his address is:
Flat 4,
19, Allison House,
W3 6JF

which if his partners in the share of the home are as interested in trains as he pretends to, though I note he advocates reopening lines closed and built over by Beeching! So his knowledge in this field seems as limited as his knowledge of his parentage!

You will note if you check out the address that it is on something of an island with rail lines around it!!

David Bannerman is not just a cheat and a liar but a fraud on many counts bringing even EUkip into disrepute.

Greg L-W.

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