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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Another UKIP Round-up

Tim Congdon videos. All are taken from the West Midlands Hustings.

Poor old Derek.

Derek Clark's rapid physical and mental decline continues.......

Interpreters forget to cut mikes, slag off British MEP

(AFP) – 3 days ago

STRASBOURG — In one of those inimitably embarrassing moments, interpreters who forgot to switch off their mikes in the European parliament were heard loudly complaining Tuesday about a British MEP's dentures.

"I can't hear him!", "Hes got a problem with his denture", the pair of English-to-French interpreters said.

Heard by anyone listening in to the French translation of parliamentary debate Tuesday, the incident lasted only a few minutes but remained on the parliament's website through the day.

The two interpreters overheard were worrying over 77-year-old Eurosceptic British member of the European Parliament, Roland Clark.

"That was Clark, wasn't it, that Briton..." laughed one of the two interpreters before going on to say the MEP rarely turned up for party meetings.

"I couldn't hear him...", "he was mumbling", "he's got something in his mouth", "he's got a problem with his denture," they went on.

The parliament, which works in 23 languages, employs some 430 interpreters full time, with an extra 2,500 used occasionally.

To view the original: LINK

Stuart Agnew reveals Farage's true agenda

On his website, Stuart Agnew heaps praise upon Farage in support of his leadership bid. It is full of what one might expect, but it also contains this little gem:

"The decision on whether UKIP should join a Pan European political party is one that we have the option of taking each November. The pragmatic view is that in doing so we will obtain an extra slice of the ‘ funding cake’ for these parties, thereby reducing the amount of cake available to the others. We will also be able to fund and establish a “think tank” to counter the propaganda relentlessly emanating from the EU. The purist argument is to have nothing to do with this as it involves engaging with EU institutions." See: LINK

"an extra slice of the funding cake"

So that is what it is really all about then, is it Agnew? And how is the OLAF investigation going? Readers will recall that Agnew was caught on camera admitting the both he and Bannerman were illegally paying Peter Reeve out of their EU allowances. See: LINK

As Trevor Colman pointed out in a recent letter to the membership, in order to sign up to one of these parties, UKIP will have to accept the primacy of the EU, and adopt its "founding principles"

Reg. 2004/2003 para (1)

'political parties at European level are important as a factor for integration'.

Reg. 2004/2003 article 2(4)

'political Foundations at European level complement the objectives of the political partiesat European level by observing, analysing and contributing to the debate on Europeanissues and on the process of European integration'.

Reg. 1524/2007 para 3

'Political foundations at European level affiliated with the political parties at European level may through their activities support and underpin the objectives...notably in terms of contributing to the debate on European public policy issues and on European integration.'

Regulation 2004/2003 para 4

'It is necessary for political parties at European level to observe the principles on which the European Union is founded as set out in the Treaties and recognised in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union'.


Nigel flying high

Amusing article from the Brussels Jungle:

A couple of minutes before the prank

As the European Parliament prepared to vote for the Maternity Vote measures, several MEPs brought in ballons as a symbolic message. It seems however that after President Buzek asked them to put away the balloons, one of them (not yet identified), attached the helium filled devices to the chair of the UKIP leader in the EP, making them lift into mid-air during the rest of the session, with substantial shouts of protest from his UKIP colleagues (and it seems some cheers from other MEPs). Let’s say that for once he was able to attain higher spheres in terms of EU discussions.

To see the original: LINK

And finally .... the Junius Twat of the Week. There really is just no hope for some journalists.

Nigel Farage deserves better than Ukip

By Kevin Maguire 20/10/2010

I don't want the swiveleyed, Ukip anti-Europe party to prosper. I hope the foam-frothers disappear down the Channel Tunnel.

But even an ill-wisher like me can see Ukip would be stupid not to elect Nigel Farage as leader a second time.

He's articulate, entertaining and a frighteningly plausible frontman so I hope they don't.

Farage deserves better than Ukip. Let's hope Ukip doesn't appreciate Farage

To see the original: LINK

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