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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

UKIP: More from the Hustings

"Finally I want to ask you to consider whom Cameron would most fear as UKIP leader, me or any of the other three candidates?".

Nigel Farage at the SE Hustings

It certainly isn't you. You were the one who endorsed Pearson's decision to campaign for Tory candidates during the last General Election!

And so the leadership election rumbles on. It is interesting to note that UKIPPERS were not allowed to ask questions from the floor. How democratic! We can't have any pesky UKIPPERS asking Farage about why he secretly claimed a second EU pension, employed his wife despite promising not to do so, what happened to the £211,000 that vanished from the SE accounts, etc, etc. And we certainly can't have Bannerman being grilled about why he lied about being related to a former prime minister, why he misused his EU allowances to illegally pay Peter Reeve, the time he deliberatly sought to entrap David Abbott by sending out fake emails, etc, etc.

Winston McKenzie is clearly the joke candidate - even more than Farage and Bannerman! He actually believes that UKIP would become "famous throughout the Commonwealth" under his "dynamic" leadership. At one point he jumped off the stage declaring that he wanted to meet the suddenly very worried members. An embarrassed supporter later said he did this as he "likes to get involved with people".

Like the time his bar and gym were raided by the police? We hear that 25 arrests were made for possession of drugs, dealing and firearms.

David Bannerman claims that he represents 99% of UKIPPERS because they want proper policies. He claims that Farage and Congdon represent the other 1%. Snigger!

So how come Bannermam can only manage to find 6 people to actively campaign for him? Doesn't sound like much of a mandate to us! It has been noted that there is some hostility between Farage and Bannerman during the debates. More than one UKIPPER has suggested that this is just for show.

We hate to burst Bannerman's bubble but Mr Congdon is committed to turning UKIP into a real alternative to the old party system and that includes producing decent policy documents rather than the badly written junk that Bannerman has produced. Congdon actually wants to concentrate on fighting Westminster elections and not the Euros!

Bannerman is another joke candidate. He is a serial liar who still maintains that he was a key player in the Northern Ireland peace process. So how come none of the real key players can remember him?

Bannerman is a failed Tory politician who only real political experience was as a borough councillor in Tunbridge Wells from 1992-1996. He only became lead candidate in the Eastern Region thanks to a rigged selection process. For more on this serial liar and failure: LINK

Farage was his usual arrogant self. He was clearly fed the answers to questions beforehand and told as many lies as Bannerman. For instance, he claimed that under his leadership membership in UKIP increased by 76%! Roger Knapman will be surprised to hear that porker!

Farage also claimed that his leadership had brought in big donors. Oh, really? Like Stuart Wheeler who turned his back on UKIP and formed his own party? See: LINK

Farage has also developed a distinct messianic complex. He referred to his plane crash and exclaimed that he was "snatched from death for a purpose". So what is that exactly? To continue to commit adultery, make friends with fascists in the EFD, get drunk and line your pockets at the taxpayers expense? It doesn't sound like God saved you. It must be the other feller!

We would suggest that you phone Companies House (0870 3333636) and ask them to email the 2009/2010 Financial Statement for Farage Limited - Company Reg Number 4659240. The 8 page report will be sent within the hour for £3.50. Have your credit card number ready! Over half a million pound turnover excluding VAT in 2009/10 alone. How does Nigel find the time? You will see that 94% of total turnover is gross profit. The accountant admits to having seen no documents which verify what Farage says.

For more on the lies and dishonesty of Farage: LINK

And now back to that quote:

"Finally I want to ask you to consider whom Cameron would most fear as UKIP leader me or any of the other three candidates?".

Nigel Farage

Tim Congdon could hardly have had his case put more forcefully. A former economic adviser to Margaret Thatcher as UKIP leader would cause Cameron much harm. With Congdon UKIP can finally become a force for good in British politics. Many Tories are unhappy with the Tory/Lib 'coalition' and Congdon would give them a better home than they have at present. Major defections, perhaps even Tebbit himself, could be anticipated.

WHO WOULD CAMERON REALLY FEAR THE MOST? The answer is Congdon. ACADEMIC, ECONOMIST, AUTHOR, JOURNALIST, AND A VERY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN. He hasn't an equal among his rival candidates. He wants no money from the EU, he has now intention whatever of becoming a MEP, He wants to be given four years to complete the task of making UKIP a UK based political party, and if elected he will contribute a personal £100,000, annual donation to UKIP, to finance his own London office. He will free UKIP from a dependency on the coffers of the EU.

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