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Monday, 18 October 2010

UKIP: Nigel's Bits and Pieces

Another recent dire election result

14th oct

Watford Central
Lib Dems 696 (44.1%)
Labour 622 (39.4%)
Conservatives 158 (10.0%)
Green Party 79 (5.0%)
UKIP 24 (1.5%)

And remember last month when Farage paid a personal visit to Aldershot in order to help elect a UKIP candidate? They even got a mention in the local press. See: LINK

So did the Farage magic manage to impress the voters? Judge for yourself......

Wellington, Rushmoor BC
Conservatives 270
Lib Dem 238
Labour 185
Ind 12

Farage hoisted by his own petard

Anyone interested in the future of UKIP should rush out and get a copy of 'The British General Election of 2010' by Dennis Kavangah and Philip Cowley. It includes an interesting quote from our Nigel:

"I may just have bitten off more than I can chew. I think I am better to the party doing fewer jobs .....".

So what has now changed? Having admitted that he can't handle being both Leader and an MEP would you want him back leading UKIP?

UKIP leadership

The ballot papers are now out.

We have been asked by some of our readers to publish the full list of proposers and assentors for all the candidates. So here you are!

You will note that Winston McKenzie was an assentor for Farage and Farage was an assentor for McKenzie! No surprise to see that some of the most corrupt elements in UKIP are backing Farage.

David Campbell Bannerman – Proposer: Sir Patrick Moore. Assentors: Cllr Peter Reeve, Cllr Henry Reilly, Cllr Mick Harold, Douglas Denny, Hugh Williams, Mark Wadsworth, Harry Aldridge, Shirley Jacobs, Nathan Gill, David Coburn, James Moyies, James Carver, Terry Durrance, Michael McManus, Sue Ransome, Peter Neilson, John Cornforth, Jason Smith, Donald Martin, Leon Stedman, Prof Stephen Bush, Gaston Dezart, Rev John Ewington, Bill Budge, Mary Budge, Andrea Hamilton, David Hamilton, Carol Lovatt, Maria Foy, Tim Aker, Stephen Scott Fawcett, Dr John Howlitt, Philip Anderson, Christine Anderson, Colin Curtis, Jonathan Frost, Jennifer Powell, Glen Bishop, Josephine Bishop, Barry Grundon, John Pitts, Sue Stow, Christine Wardrop, Linda Redford, Stuart Letten, Ray Crowson, John Culverwell, Bill Fenoughty, Iain Richmond, Iris Pitts.

Tim Congdon – Proposer: Gerard Batten MEP. Assentors: Alan Bown, Trevor Colman MEP, Sir George Earle, Stephen Allison, Geoffrey Kingscott, Mike Nattrass MEP, Roger Knapman, Lawrence Webb, Marilyn Swain, Toby Micklethwait, Sue Colman, Richard Allen, Les Banstead, Jack Barker, Keith Barnes, Dougie Brown, Linda Brown, Christopher Browne, Rosemary Browne, Martin Bulmer, Justin Callan, Leonard Causey, Diane Cleland, Leslie Collier, David Cox, Marilyn Day, Alan Day, Richard Edwards, Alan Grant, Lawrence Gwynn, Eric Larner, Isobel Larner, Nicky Hartland, Thomas Holbrook, David Hughes, Maggie Inglis, Richard Jordan, Audrey Kirk, Jenny Knight, Richard Leppington, Peter Lindsay, Jonathan Lovett, Robert Mackintosh, Charles Martell, John Meropoulous, Paula Murray, Ray Northcott, Guy Parfitt, Robert Parker, Bev Parker.

Nigel Farage – Proposer: Lord Pearson. Assentors: Paul Nuttall MEP, Stuart Agnew MEP, Derek Clark MEP, Earl of Dartmouth MEP, Godfrey Bloom MEP, John Whittaker, Greg Knopp, Stephanie McWilliam, Jill Seymour, Michael Heaver, Lord Willoughby De Broke, Frank Carson, Margaret Titford, Bruce Robertson, Earl of Wemyss, Earl of Bradford, Lord Monckton, David Lott, Christopher Gill, Graham Booth, Winston McKenzie, Peter Street, Andrew Smith, George Curtis, Jeff Mager, John Kelly, Rod Trelease, Abhijit Pandya, Michael Zuckerman, Mick McGough, David Rowlands, Gordon Parkin, Charlotte Bull, Sonia Reilly, Phil Griffiths, Paul Henke, Peter Adams, Martin Bridewell, Idris Francis, John Moran, Tim Bowling, Yvonne Large, David Bendall, Neil Hamilton, David Grylls, Elizabeth Burton, Toby Horton, Peter Lucas, Chris Pain, Derek Evans.

Winston McKenzie – Proposer: Marianne Bowness. Assentors: Nigel Farage MEP, Lord Pearson, Guy Thorns, Mary Thorns, Frances Fox, Pauline Edwards, Clement Walter, Christine Avery, John Robinson, David Atkinson, Jill Atkinson, Norman Quantrell, Joan Quantrell, Brenda Bailey, John Gransbury, Mavis Bradbury, K Bewsey, John Thulborn, Steve Richards, Victoria Gardner, Carl Whitwell, Rose-Marie McDonald, Laurence Fear, Maxine Spencer, Stuart Guppy, Valerie Moore, Lee Allen, Winifred Mann, John Butcher, Jeff Bolter, June Bolter, Roger Meekins, Vivien Meekins, Peter Parker, Dorothy Baker, Dave Thomas, Bill Vanner, Mike Cuthbert-Murray, James Wallis, David Earp, George Ganderton, Rose Smith, Jesse Pryke, Rita Dunwell, Steven McKeane, Derek McHugh, John Leppard, Barry Hensall, David Holland, Glen Shipley.

And check out what Dr Edmond has to say on his blog: LINK

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