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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

UKIP: The Return of Annabelle Fuller?

UKIP's Annabelle Fuller.

A quick look on Farage’s campaign website reveals the following name as a supporter:

Annabelle Fuller, London

To see the original: LINK

Annabelle ‘Bury Me in a Y-Shaped Coffin’ Fuller - is Farage’s long-term mistress. She was also a UKIP press officer but sadly overstepped the mark when she posted John West’s MEP video interview on You Tube. John Whittaker – UKIP chairman at the time - threatened to resign unless she was sacked. Farage resisted for 48 hours but finally gave in and VERY reluctantly let her go. She ended up working for the British Legion. UKIP was later found guilty of a breach of confidence in Ipswich County Court. See: LINK

Fuller later found a job with the Army Benevolent Fund after getting the push from the British Legion. It appears that someone in Brussels contacted the Legion with certain information which they found highly distasteful. We hear it had something to do with the contents of her blog.

Fuller was listed as the ABF’s ‘Media Relations Manager’ but she now seems to have vanished from their website. We hear that she has been ill.

Ms Fuller is a deeply troubled soul. She once actually believed that Farage would leave his wife for her which shows you just how naive she really is. Silly girl!

We will never forget Annabelle’s little incident with the broken wine glass. We hope the scars are now fully healed. And what about the time she was carried out of the Brussels Parliament on a stretcher?

But here is the interesting bit!

Farage is supremely confident that he will win the leadership on November 5th. Indeed, he is so confident that he is already penciling in key players for his Pan-European party.

But didn’t UKIPPERS at the last conference back Tim Congdon’s proposal that future membership of any pan-European group should be put to a vote of the ordinary members?

The answer is a resounding yes. But Farage made the decision to ignore it. See: LINK

Sources in Brussels suggest that Sharon Bonnici will be the chairperson of this new group with a certain Ms Fuller tipped as the London representative of the operation.

Ms Bonnici is also a very close friend of Nigel. And Godfrey is the man who pays her. So now you know why it was decided to withhold any decision on UKIP becoming a pan-European party until after the leadership election. See Nuttall's statement: LINK. The last thing Farage needed was any awkward questions being asked at the Hustings!

A vote for Farage is a vote for the end of UKIP and the beginning the EFD Party. Only a vote for Congdon will prevent this.

For more on Fuller see these blogs: LINK & LINK & LINK

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