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Thursday, 14 October 2010

UKIP: Death Rowe

All those UKIP members who made the modest but vital donations that originally took the party forward, might like to consider the following.

For a short time, until recently, UKIP employed the "services" of one Bridget Rowe, a former fleet street hack. Her role in the party was somewhat unclear, although the Messiah did once let it slip that her main task was to keep him out of the red-tops in the event of scandal.

Well, as too often happens, part of the prophecy became self-fulfilling, the Messiah and Rowe appear to have become "close". We remember the chosen one speaking to UKIPPERS at a pub in Biggin Hill a little while ago. The two arrived together but entered separately, and some minutes apart. Their departure was a reversal of the less than successful deception.

Now it gets good.

Junius can reveal that Rowe was paid, by UKIP, (although through EU budgets), the rather nice sum of £90,000 per annum.

That seems to be rather a lot, even for a high-profile media operator, but for someone who never registered on the radar at all, and who seems to have had no impact on UKIP's media profile, that does seem to raise some questions.

Rowe has departed from UKIP, and has gone to pastures greener, as befits a lady of her years.

For more on 'Death Rowe': LINK

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