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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

UKIP: Bloom and the Fräulein

On Bloom's website there is a picture of Godder's up close and personal with Susanne Kuschel, who is described as a 'Senior Counsellor EU Government Affairs'. But who exactly is she?

Fräulein Kuschel originates from East Germany, and came to Brussels via Sweden. The Fräulein works for CEFIC - that's the European Chemical Industry Council to you. CEFIC just happens to be a major player in the EU's decision-making process, and a body whose toxic influence is increasingly perceptible.

It's generally agreed that CEFIC has dual strategy. This involves blocking government intervention while at the same time promoting questionable self-regulation initiatives for the chemical industry.

Which begs the question, what is Godder's hoping to gain by promoting his fraternisation with an employee of CEFIC on his web-site?

Apart from his penchant for sexual conquest, just what is he up to?

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