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Monday, 31 October 2011

UKIP: Alan Hardy responds to the article in Gazette Live

Alan Hardy responds to the article in Gazette Live. See: LINK

Dear Sirs,

I read the article connected to my successful action against Gordon Parkin and UKIP a few minutes ago on the internet.

As ever, Gordon Parkin was economical with the truth, indeed I have grave doubts as to whether he knows what the truth actually is. To begin with the exact total cost of the actions, which of course must be met by the rank and file membership of UKIP, while unknown to me is, I would conservatively estimate, not less than GBP 30,000.

I shall forward further details if you wish, but as far as I am concerned the whole matter boiled down to my being denied the opportunity to defend myself in the face of a ban placed upon me by Gordon Parkin in respect of attending meetings over which he presided. He failed to respond to calls for reason to prevail, hence the legal proceedings. My reason for so doing was simply that once we overlook a person's right to speak in their own defence, we may as well start building the gulags and concentration camps so beloved of those who thought as Gordon Parkin thinks.

The branch has not, as Mr Parkin claimed, been closed down. He attempted to do so at a meeting in August, but this was resisted and a new chairman, Mr Colin Rigg, has now secured permission from the party's National Executive Committee, to pursue its activities in Stockton on Tees. I further understand that once news of this reached Mr Parkin, one of his first actions was to attend Mr. Rigg's house and issue threats against him.

As far as I'm aware Mr Parkin currently holds the title of Regional Organiser for the north east, but in light of the events, as described, I find myself dounting if he will be allowed to continue in that role for much longer.




Greg_L-W. said...


for even more detail with The Full Judgement you might wish to visit:


Alan Hardy has widely distributed his rebuttal on the internet and it does seem that Gazette Live's claim they could not contact him would seem to indicate they didn't try very hard as clearly he is in contact with many others!

It is interesting to note that as with buster Motram and many other ex National Front and ex BNP members they had the personal approval of Nigel Farage to become UKIP members and spokesmen - as with his own election agent!

As the Court showed in its judgement this case was nothing more than an abuse of a member based on expediency - as ever they lost their case at the expense of the members!


Junius said...

We can confirm that Mr Hardy circulated his reply to the Gazette to a large number of people via the internet and email.