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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

UKIP: Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman reported to OLAF

Nikki Sinclaire - UKIP MEP - leaves the EFD. She has the whip removed, is denied the right to use the UKIP name or stand as a UKIP candidate.

Paul Wiffen - UKIP London Chairman and PPC - rants on an obscure website and is immediately suspended by Paul Nuttall.

Stuart Agnew admits on video that he and David Bannerman have been illegally using their EU staffing allowances to pay Peter Reeve. UKIP does nothing.

UKIP’s leadership may condone criminal activity but we doubt that OLAF, the Police or ELCOM will.

We can now confirm that several people - including UKIP members - have reported Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman to the EU’s anti-fraud office.

These complaints concern the Sunday Times report and the revelation that Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman were illegally using tax payers' money.

Agnew can be heard on the video admitting that Reeve does no work for them, and that he is knowingly acting illegally:

“I can tell you that Peter is paid partly by me out of my assistance allowance here partly by David Bannerman . He does very little work for us, virtually none. He is working for the party. And that’s strictly illegal.”

Salaries paid via MEPs’ assistance allowance must not fund party work.

OLAF has been investigating some of Agnew’s fellow MEPs over similar allegations.

Bannerman and Agnew are in very serious trouble. At the very least they will be forced to pay back all the money illegally paid to Peter Reeve.

Click on the video to hear Stuart Agnew admit his criminality.

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