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Monday, 30 May 2011

UKIP: David Bannerman video interview, Steve Reed hasn't a clue plus Fuller and Farage's hypocrisy

David Bannerman gives a video interview on his reasons for leaving UKIP

Claims during interview that UKIP is not a political party, just a pressure group. Blames Farage for driving out members and also for failing to listen to the membership. Says he has changed his mind about the Tories and now believes that they are euro-sceptic. Someone should really tell Cameron that he is now a euro-sceptic. He will be surprised! Correct us if we're wrong but we heard that Cameron was committed to a policy of keeping Britain IN the EU. Does David know something that the rest of the country doesn't?

And our view? 5 out of 10 for the cheek. And 1 out of 10 for the most unconvincing attempt to justify his decision to rejoin the Tories.

To view the interview click below:


Steve Reed

Miss M. Andreasen
ASP 4F 154
Wiertzstraat 60
Verenigde Konikrijk

Andrew (Steve) Reed, assistant to Nigel Farage, has done it again. He has repeatedly made his office look foolish through his infantile linguistic pretensions, and his bizarre efforts at appearing cosmopolitan.

Now he has shown his touch in a letter to Marta Andreassen, the address of which is reproduced above. Brussels, Steve, is not in Verenigd Koninkrijk - the Dutch name for the United Kingdom. Note also, Steve, the correct spelling. You can't even spell it correctly, Steve. Brussels is, of course, in Belgium (or Belgiƫ, as they say in Dutch) which we would have assumed Farage's pa extraordinaire might have realised given that he has lived there for several years

Fuller and Farage's hypocrisy

Taken from Nigel's photo album. Annabelle is never far from his thoughts.

The failure of the 'Rally Against Debt' on May 14th to attract any real support has been the source of much merriment in the press.

Basically, a bunch of Tory twits were calling for less money to be spent on the public sector. Of course, the public sector is quite heavily funded, and there are good reasons for concern. However, how hypocritical is it that one of the organisers of the event is Annabelle Fuller, paid from the public purse herself, via the MEP assistants allowance of Nigel Farage?

Ms. Fuller, whose lucrative EU contract allegedly depends upon her 'personal relationship' with Farage, personifies the waste in the public sector.

Farage, of course, was a speaker at the event. Doesn't it all leave a nasty taste in one's mouth?

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Greg_L-W. said...


I'm not entirely sure how Junius would know this for sure nor whether it should be on a blog that may be read before the watershed!

Ms. Fuller, whose lucrative EU contract allegedly depends upon her 'personal relationship' with Farage, ............ at the event. Doesn't it all leave a nasty taste in one's mouth?

However I am willing to deffer to your closer attachment and clearly more intimate experience!