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Thursday, 2 June 2011

UKIP: The hypocrisy of David Bannerman

How Mr Bannerman must regret writing an article for the latest edition of the CIB's Free Britain newspaper!

The article is entitled 'Insane Choices' and is largely an attack on the Tory/Lib Dem coalition. We wonder if his new Tory masters are aware of his true feelings towards them? The only real 'insane choice' was the decision to let Bannerman back into the Tory fold!

As GLW has said: The only words in this article that ring true are when he said 'You couldn't make it up'

David Bannerman = political prostitute, liar and fraud!

And don't forget that it was Nigel Farage who pushed for him to become lead MEP candidate in the Eastern Region. He even rigged the selection process to ensure that it happened! And the NEC and Christopher Gill are equally to blame. They all ignored the numerous concerns raised by UKIPPERS regarding Bannerman's selection. They only have themselves to blame for this fiasco.

Insane choices

Coalition coughs up for EU while our armed forces are cut to the bone

By: David Campbell Bannerman MEP

In that famous phrase: “You couldn’t make it up!” The moment our Coalition Government scraps Ark Royal, the Harriers and other essential military equipment, we need them the most. While we bomb Libya from the UK, the French send a carrier. I have called for Ark Royal and a minimum number of Harriers to be reprieved – just as Invincible was reprieved by the Falklands crisis (which did Mrs Thatcher no harm).

The shambolic sight of UK rescue operations in Libya was a national embarrassment. The ridiculous choices of the Coalition Government, to spend more on EU membership (now £48 million a day) and foreign aid (£23 million a day) when we are making dangerous cuts to our own military services speaks volumes.

They cut at home to squander money abroad.

And we call these politicians our public servants!


This piecemeal salami slicing of our self-government has dire consequences indeed. Even if we did have an independent foreign policy, the Coalition’s outrageous defence cuts leave us almost defenceless.

Why else would there have been speculation on loss of the Falklands when the cuts were announced? How can aircraft carriers without any aircraft to carry make sense?

The idea should have been laughed out of the room.

We are in the endgame to salvage what independence we have left. This is the culmination of years of EU planning, to subvert the nation state and supplant independence with a federated plan for a Common European interest – the United States of Europe.

Any state that cannot make plans to defend itself, cannot call itself free.

Additionally, a nation that cannot speak for itself is not free either. The institutionalization of the European Foreign Service, with its ambassadors pledging allegiance to the EU and not its constituent nations, will only go to gag Britain in international affairs. Bit by bit, independent states are being elbowed aside on the international stage by the EU and our foreign minister Baroness Ashton, a lady who has never been elected to anything in her life. I bet she learned a lot about international diplomacy working for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament!

With the proliferation of these EU embassies, who acts on behalf of British interests now? Who do foreign governments call when they wish to deal with us: the EU or UK ambassadors?

No wonder they are closing many British embassies.

Britain’s anti-EU movement is on the rise and our voice is being heard. We want friendly trade and cooperation with European nations, but we want to reassert our global presence, reclaiming our seat at the WTO, making full use of our UN Security Council seat, establishing a Commonwealth Free Trade Area, and playing a full and active part in NATO.

As you can see, there is a world out there.

So why just stick in with the overregulated EU and its falling share of world wealth?

We’re a global trading nation whose destiny lies outside the EU.

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