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Monday, 2 August 2010


We have not posted for a couple of days due to our involvement in another project.

And as Godfrey Bloom was far from pleased with our last article we decided to keep it there for just a little bit longer. The truth hurts! See: LINK

Here are Dr Edmond's views on the UKIP/ELCOM farce:

Supreme Court judgement on UKIP v Electoral Commission

I seldom write on UKIP these days. There is no point while it is controlled by the sordid self seeking Cabal that have hijacked UKIP to further their own interests. The portrayal of the recent Supreme Court judgement by 4 to 3 in favour of UKIP not requiring UKIP to repay the whole Alan Bown donation of £300k as a great UKIP victory is utter nonsense. This was a battle that gained UKIP nothing and could, if one judge had voted differently, have bankrupted UKIP. It was the ultimate no win battle undertaken solely to massage Farage's desire for personal publicity following the Magistrates Court original ruling requiring UKIP to forfeit £18k. Remember all that rubbish Farage spouted on the steps of the Court about bullying the smallest boy in the playground!

After this pyrrhic 'victory' UKIP is at best no better off financially and depending on the costs ruling may well be worse off. It was a huge, unnecessary and avoidable distraction at a time when the Lisbon Treaty was passed! If Farage's UKIP had devoted their time and energy to opposing that treaty in the UK rather than this pointless fight with Elco UKIP and our country would have been far better off .

David Abbott argued at the time with Del's support that UKIP should simply pay the forfeit, promise to tidy up its administrative procedures and move on, the common sense approach. The UKIP Cabal however does not do common sense!

The main beneficiaries will turn out to be LibLabCon who have all suffered financial penalties at Elco's hands and who will as a result of this Supreme Court judgement be trying to reclaim the many millions they forfeited! Who needs enemies when you have the UKIP Cabal?

As a result of posting my above views on the Democracy Forum as my alter ego Somerset Yokel I was subject to the usual spiteful and inaccurate attack by Denny regarding my time on the UKIP NEC. He claimed I was the only person ever kicked off the NEC. He has obviously forgotten about David Abbott! They were of course scared to tackle Del because of possible claims of racism. It just shows how they attribute their own sordid thinking to others. Del would never stoop to that sort of thing!

Denny's main charge against me was that I had been rude to Duffy. The truth is of course the exact opposite and I copy my reply below.

Fact: Duffy accused me of having an ' alternative agenda'. I pointed out to her that I had only every had one agenda, to get us out of the EU in my lifetime. If Duffy wishes to make nasty unfounded allegations then she must accept the consequences of having her lies pointed out at the NEC.

Ditto with Denny's various unfounded allegations and hysterical behaviour. He never could produce any evidence! I found this unacceptable.

UKIP's Douglas Denny: Himmler lookalike and Cuban boot fetishist. If he had two brain cells to rub together they would die of loneliness.

I also found it unacceptable to find Bannerman, someone whom I was expected to work with, was attempting by the most sordid underhand devices attempting to entrap David Abbott. You cannot work with people who behave like Bannerman or Denny.

Fact: Farage set up Martin Haslam, one of the nicest and most honest men you could ever meet, with an Independent newspaper journalist so Farage could accuse Martin of going behind his, Farage's, back to the press. Completely untrue! I challenged Farage at the NEC on this, he admitted it was true, I got up and said 'I refuse to continue to sit at the same table as someone like you whose main purpose is to entrap honest decent men'

The same tactics were used to entrap Del and remove him as head of young Independence and replace him with Duffy!

The malignant behaviour came from Duffy, Bannerman, Farage and Denny not me. Denny's hysterical behaviour when Mottram turned up at a NEC meeting was quite unbelievable!

I have never been on the UKIP payroll. I and David Abbott have always paid our own expenses because we believed in our cause of leaving the EU. In David's case that was considerable as he had to travel back from the US to find on one occasion Nuttall had cancelled the meeting!

We were not there for the money as many UKIP MEPs are, but for our beliefs. I am proud that David, Del and I stood up for our cause against a group who have subsequently besmirched our party's name by allying UKIP with neo-Nazi racists.

UKIP's David Bannerman enjoying the Summer break.

Bannerman's attempted entrapment of David Abbott was silly and incompetent and completely in character. Farage attempted to defend his entrapment of Martin Haslam as "Testing his loyalty", loyalty clearly to himself was of course also completely in character. Sad indeed that UKIP is controlled by such characters

To see the original: LINK

Dr Edmond was thrown off the NEC after trying to raise concerns about widespread corruption within UKIP. The Farage Cabal can't tolerate honesty on their NEC!

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