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Sunday, 25 October 2009

UKIP News: Godfrey Bloom and the Phantom Chairman

Godfrey Bloom banned from the Mansion House

You may recall that Godfrey Bloom got into hot water after he became drunk and started to heckle a speaker during a recent Mansion House dinner. See: LINK

He has now been banned from all future events. The Lord Mayor’s office recently sent him a letter which read:

"Mr Bloom will not be receiving any further invitations to Mansion House events nor will be welcome at the Brussels Annual reception…at which Lord Turner is the keynote speaker.

"As to future Mansion House events we will be seeking a different MEP from UKIP as a potential guest."

We at Junius pity the poor people of Yorkshire and Humberside. To have Godfrey Bloom representing them is nothing short of a tragedy.

To some he is regarded as a lovable rogue. To most he is regarded as a drunken fool and a liar. We favour the latter.

For more on Bloom: LINK & LINK

The Chairman that never was

GLW has kindly sent Junius a copy of an email which claims to be the resignation statement of a certain UKIP branch chairman.

We will not be using it as we agree with GLW that the email is a badly constructed fake.

However, if you want to read it please go to GLW’s blog where it can be read in full: LINK

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