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Friday, 2 October 2009

Bridget Rowe: UKIP's Medusa of Misery

Ms Rowe - failed journalist and UKIP Press Officer - is clearly a very insecure individual.

A well established and experienced journalist was all set to become a UKIP Press officer.

Rowe managed to use her influence with Farage to veto the proposal.

Not that we blame her for trying to protect her job with UKIP. With her track record she is unlikely to get another.

You may recall that Ms Rowe hit the headlines after she registered Libertas UK with the Electoral Commission in order to stop Declan Ganley using the name. This was done - on the orders of Farage - after Ganley refused to bankroll UKIP during the Euro elections.

She also managed to oust Clive Page - who at least had a good relationship with journalists - and then proceeded to alienate many of his contacts in the media. Such is her reputation that many journalists will not even speak to her.

Ms Rowe hardly inspires admiration or confidence. We have yet to find ANYONE with a good word to say about her.

For example:

This Medusa of Misery is not heard of these days - she is never mentioned in best editor lists, you will not find her wretched name in any book index. No memoirs, no Tina Brown-style reinvention, no longed-for TV fame; not even an honour from HM or PM. True, in 2004, she wrote a guest column for Press Gazette but this only served to confirm her uncharacteristic good judgement in not pursuing a writing career. Nothing followed. It's as if even the Street of Shame dare not remind itself of her one-time regnancy (or existence). She was last seen flogging T-shirts at Ascot about two years ago.

She turned up (like the proverbial bad penny) unannounced at a UKIP London regional committee meeting on Jan 5th 2009, on the grounds that she has promised to help Nigel Farage with press during the forthcoming Euro elections. Several members of the committee objected to her presence and she was asked to leave. Draw your own conclusions!

Rowe is not talked about publicly in media circles these days, regarded as an embarrassment to an already discredited trade. Stories of editing style are something to savour: on one occasion as editor of The People she was convinced Princess Anne was pregnant, as a result of a dream she had, and splashed on it. In another dream, in the mid-90s, she foresaw the death of Jilly Cooper - still happily with us. On another occasion she ordered a photographer up into a helicopter to take aerial shots of George Cole's country home to record all the extensions - but was dismayed to learn that the pic did not have some visual guide to each extension, like numbers or dates. Perhaps she thought this info would just appear on the negative.

The allegation is that Rowe and Farage have registered Libertas UK with with (sic) the Electoral Commission so that Ganley cannot register the name.

Farage is neither pleasant nor principled and it is the kind of schoolboy stunt he would pull.

Sounds like they would make a good pair.

She turned up at a UKIP meeting in the East of England. She spent most of the time swearing and going on about how wonderful Farage was. Not a pretty sight.

Bridget Rowe, whose Fleet Street reputation does not match her own claim on her page at the Jaque Evans Management Ltd web site, has been a speaker at UKIP rallies. She is known in Brussels as a key UKIP player who is close to Nigel Farage. UKIP officials close to the leadership have described her as “the replacement national press officer”.

I remember her sacking a writer for being pregnant - the case was settled when a load of hacks turned up to the industrial tribual (sic) hearing.

Dear old Death Rowe. My parents used to invite her round for dinner because they had to and her teeny weeny jockey husband would sit in the corner getting drunk.

Bridget Rowe makes Annabelle Fuller look talented.

End of quotes.

Farage can certainly pick em! First Paranoid Fuller and now Death Rowe!

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