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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Credit where credit is due. Gerard Batten & Nikki Sinclaire

We at Junius are the first to praise those that deserve praise.

Gerard Batten turns down £ 19,000 increase in salary

Gerard Batten opted to remain on the old lower salary saying, in a time of economic crisis when many of my constituents are in fear of losing their jobs, and when politicians’ reputations have never been lower, I did not feel it would be justified to take an increase in salary of almost £19,000 per annum.

Gerard said, “In times when people are fearful of losing their pensions how could I justify taking a pension that is not available to my constituents and for which I do not have to pay contributions?”.

But what about the likes of Nigel Farage and David Bannerman? They are too busy grabbing the extra cash to care about the people who elected them.

And what did happen to the £2 million Nigel claimed in expenses?

And what about the time Farage managed to spirit away £211,000 as 'miscellaneous expenses' from his Constituency Office?

And what about employing his wife on £30,000 a year? What DOES she do for that large sum?

And don’t forget the money raised by the Ashford Call Centre. Where did all that money go?

It is interesting to note that Michael McGough - serial liar and not the PPC for Harlow - has been highly critical of Batten's decision. He has said that Batten should have taken the money EVEN after voting against such a pay increase. Such is McGough's morality. He has also gone on record as saying "If you wish to be moral don't go to Brussels and Strasbourg period!"

Is that why Mr McGough was so keen to become an MEP himself? But at least it is nice to know what he really thinks about Mr Batten's moral standards!

Nikki Sinclaire

As many will remember Ms Sinclaire is still committed to donating a third of her salary to UKIP. And what about the likes of Farage and Bannerman? They are too busy sticking their snouts in the trough to even consider following her example.

Nikki has had a hard time recently. Nigel Farage has behaved disgracefully towards her. He has made numerous threats about leaking stories to the press - including the story about her bankruptcy - unless she obeys His Highness.

Poor Nigel. Someone should have told that GLW had featured this non-story on his blog after a source VERY close to Farage leaked it to him in the hope that he would smear her. They failed.

A word of warning to Mr Farage. We know that Croucher - acting on YOUR orders - is behind these smears against her and we are not going to take the bait!

Does ANYONE out there still think that Nigel is a decent and honest man?


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