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Friday, 4 December 2009

UKIP Press (Spin) Release

We note that Gawain ‘don’t mention the bath’ Towler drew the short straw and had to put his name to the following fairy story:

Press Office Statement to UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidates and members

In the light of the orchestrated campaign to destabilise UKIP in the run up to the next general election, and the admitted mistake made by the press office on Saturday it would like to make a few things clear.

At no point was an offer made neither to the Conservatives, nor anybody else that UKIP would do anything other than stand back for one election if a public manifesto commitment was made to hold an In/Out referendum on our membership of the European Union. That commitment was not made.

In a statement made by the press office there was the suggestion that after that referendum was won then the entire British political situation would change. UKIP would have to take stock on how it would proceed. That statement should have not suggested that the party would consider any given course of action. This was my error, and my error alone.

Yours sincerely,

Gawain Towler

End of statement.

It may have escaped Gawain’s notice that Lord Pearson clearly stated in a national newspaper that UKIP would disband if UKIP got the promised EU referendum.

And what about Lord Pearson’s appearance on The Daily Politics?

He clearly stated that UKIP would disband for the General Election if the Tories agreed to the proposed deal. He also said that after winning the referendum UKIP would become ‘diluted’ and ‘might disband’.

Fortunately very few UKIPPERS were fooled by Towler’s statement. Many are quite rightly furious over the whole sordid offer and who can blame them?

To be told that UKIP is nothing more than a Tory pressure group is quite an insult to all those members who were assured time and time gain by UKIP’s leadership that UKIP was the ONLY alternative to the old party system.

And as for Douglas ‘twat’ Denny’s claim that UKIP’s offer was part of a cunning plan to expose the Tories as hypocrites………………………….

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