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Saturday, 19 December 2009

UKIP: Nigel Farage email

We would like to thank one of UKIP's MEPs for passing this on to us. The spelling and spacing mistakes are as the original.

Considering how much Farage makes as an MEP we would have thought that he could have at least found someone able to write something that looks competent. Doesn't he realise how unprofessional such a badly written email makes him look? Or is he just too drunk to care?

Dear Hannah Charnock

Thank you for your message, to Nigel Farage, about the deterioratingsituation, in several parts of Africa, and recommending action by theUN, the EU and HMG, to remedy this.

The problem is that the UN, the EU, HMG - and several otherEU-governments - together with the IMF and the WTO, HAVE been takingaction, in Africa, for decades, with the result we now see, and thequestion arises whether this battery of powers and supra-nationalorganisation
s is, under its current management, a suitable custodian, orwhether it serves rather the great financial interests, which underpinit, at the expense of peace and genuine development in the Third World.

The EU's predatory "Economic Partnership Agreements" (EPA's) the IMF'smanipulative loan-conditions and the UN's undisciplined mercenaries,should be replaced, in UKIP's view, by equitable, conservational,development-agreements (such as the one proposed by Guyana) which couldwork to the benefit of all concerned, rather than - as with the presentarrangements - acting to coerce, bribe and de-stabilise, under the cloakof humanitarianism, woven by our media.

In many respects, this is not just UKIP's view, but that of severalcharities in the field, such as the World Development Movement.

In any event, UKIP's position, regarding the mooted EU-battlegroup forthe DCR, is conditioned essentially by the consideration that theEuropean Union lacks the democratic accountability necessary to avoidits becoming a fearsome autocracy, endangering freedom, justice,prosperity and peace, not just in Europe, or Africa, but in the world atlarge.

Yours sincerely

Andrew S. Reed
(Office of Nigel Farage, Brussels)

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