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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Et Tu Brute? The duplicity of Rowe and Farage

So who has been responsible for leaking the Pearson stories to the media?

The Junius Team? No.

Greg Lance-Watkins? No.

A disgruntled ex-UKIPPER? No.

The Tories? No.

So who is determined to discredit Lord Pearson and ultimately wreck UKIP?

The leaks were very well-timed and were placed where they would be guaranteed do the maximum amount of damage.

In Brussels the finger is pointing at Bridget Rowe - a member of UKIP's Press Office and close confidant of Nigel Farage.

So why would she do this?

Is she working to their own agenda? No

According to our sources the answer is really quite simple - to give Nigel Farage a good excuse to walk away.

A few facts for you -

UKIP is falling apart at the seams.

The Elcom case has cost UKIP over £750,000 in fines and costs.

The MEPs and NEC are far from united.

Membership is falling.

And now the OLAF investigations are threatening to destroy what little credibility the party has left.

It may interest you to know that OLAF officials recently interviewed Mike Nattrass. They are moving in for the kill!

UKIP is damaged goods. Why do you think Farage really resigned as leader? No one with any sense truly believed his story about wanting to concentrate on fighting the General Election. Don’t forget that he managed to fight the Euro elections while remaining leader of UKIP.

Sources close to UKIP's leadership are telling us that he needed an exit strategy and the well-timed leaks were designed to provide him with one.

Farage has had several meetings with Dan Hannan over the last few months. One topic under discussion was the possibility of forming a new party.

Dan Hannan would be well advised to drop Farage like a hot brick. Even his colleagues are warning him to stay away from Nigel. Don't be tainted by association!

Perhaps someone should tell Lord Pearson the truth.

Pearson has been set up by the very man who persuaded him to stand.

Nigel, we take our hats off to you. You are clearly not as stupid as you look. You have taken the art of Machiavellian politics to a whole new level!

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