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Friday, 4 December 2009

David Bannerman makes an ass of himself

A truly awful performance from the serial liar. 'How not to do politics' as Annabelle Fuller used to say.

Petrina Holdsworth - former UKIP Chairman - was less than impressed:

Well wasn`t that impressive! I imagine that anyone from the Eastern Region who voted UKIP will be delighted with that stunning performance by Bannerman.

Badly delivered and the recipient warned in advance. Being savaged by a dead sheep would have been more terrifying .

AND the answer, you couldn`t make it up could you! Oh all the money we couldn`t account for which you say came from the KGB came out of the collection buckets!

Mind you who can blame her, such a pathetic savaging demands a pathetic reply.

Remember our friend Bannerman was on the left wing of the Conservative Party, he`s probably not too worried where her Ladyship`s money came from. Certainly his demeanour suggests that he is just going through the motions.

Pity the poor reseacher who wrote his script and thought that it would be delivered with verve and vigour.

Robin Page would certainly have done a better job!

And this is what Dr Eric Edmond had to say:

Mr Bannanman's real interests lie in the clubs and bars of Strasbourg and Brussels. They sell champagne as well.

It is the most sick making toe cringing performance I have ever seen from a UK politician. Has Eastern Region no better MEP candidates than this windbag? Did the UKIP voters of Eastern Region send Bannerman to Strasbourg to quaff champagne and exchange compliments with NuLabour crony Lady Ashton?

What a tragedy for the people of the Eastern Region. They could have been represented by people of calibre and integrity.

Instead they got Bannerman and Agnew.


1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


IF one didn't know what a nebish this sad little chap is one would feel sorry for Britain with such incompetent representation - that he is a liar and a cheat compounds the problem.

Such staggering pomposity from such a silly little inadequate that he invented and lied about his own identity. So important in his shaving mirror he lacks the confidence to use the main doors and seeks out the entrance named MEPs.

I hear having never sold one of his scripts he is now going to write his biography "Parody of A Pratt"

Bannerman is to politics what John Cleese was to Hotelieres.

Greg L-W.