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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Nigel Farage: The truth about that resignation

Junius was delighted to be privy to a drunken conversation in the East India Club… The truth about why Nigel Farage resigned the UKIP leadership can now be told.

The somewhat noisy tantrum thrown by Marta ‘the Martyr’ Andreason at a meeting of the NEC, which culminated in her resignation as party treasurer, was just the start of a series of events that spelled the beginning of the end for Farage’s grip on UKIP.

Even before she confronted Farage and Nuttall with what she had found in the books, she had spoken to more than one of the party’s donors. Stuart Wheeler, whose “hot and cold” attitude towards UKIP owes more to Tory tactics than to his own beliefs, was furious. Then when the Elcom verdict came in, he issued Farage with an ultimatum – “Go now and put Pearson in, or else!”

So Farage obliged, but not before ensuring that his replacement vehicle, a pan-European political party, was taking shape.

Immediately Pearson was anointed, Farage went to work on his “scorched earth” policy. His press officer, Bridget Rowe, began to plant stories in the press on a daily basis – tax dodges, Tory deals, etc, etc.

Now Farage has fulfilled the demands of the all-important UKIP/Tory donor, ensured a safe berth in Brussels when it all goes pear shaped, and he leaves UKIP looking like a mess, (which of course would never have happened if he was still at the helm!)

You have to admire the man, he handled it well. If only his mates hadn’t got bladdered and talked too much at the bar.

Incidentally, Marta also talked to one of her old chums in Paul Van Buitenen’s office. PvB hates hypocrites, and Farage can expect some bad times in Brussels as a result! Cheers, Marta.


Greg L-W. said...


I note on Anthony Butcher's corrupt and back biting little Forum that Douglas Denny has minced off in his high heels yet again but not for long as within a day he alienated the EUkip luvvies Forum.

Mick McGough is still spreading his malice liberally and showing his complete lack of any understanding of principles, morality or integrity by his display that he can not comprehend anyone acting out of duty & pure patriotism.

Peter Cole has re-emerged with his delusional fantasies but one must bear in mind this odious liar not just supported Tom Wise in his criminality but was embroiled in defending his criminality and also accepted money as a donation from his wife and ensnared UKFirstParty by working out of Eise's offices.

Clearly a man of no morality, who then tried to hijack the party for his own ends. The founders were a very rum lot - it is a pity Trevor Colman did not honour the claims he seemingly made at the London meetings & if Del had produced a CV we could have all helped build a Party - but it was not to be - which is hardly surprising with not a political brain or honourable individual in sight it seems!

I was surprised to see that Garry shared Peter Cole's lack of fundamental integrity from his article desparately trying to defend Tom Wise's criminality and theft of tax payers money as if it had some similarity to the ALLOWances of MPs at Westminster.

Wise was a corrupt, venal and dishonest criminal who did all he could for himself and utterly betrayed EUroScepticism - it seems Cole was only there for personal gain as well as the others!

Let us hope that EUroRealism emerges cleansed of such people in 2010 if it is to stand any chances.

Greg L-W.

Junius said...

Liars like McGough and Cole belong in the gutter with the other filth.