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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Decline and Fall of the UKIP Empire

Turnout for the UKIP leadership election was 74%. This puts the party membership at 13,439.

From these figures we can chart the sad decline and fall of the UKIP Empire:

December 2004: 26,000.

December 2005: 19,000.

December 2006: 16,000.

June 2007: 16,700.

December 2007: 15,873.

February 2008: 14,861.

December 2008: 14,630.

November 2009: 13,439.

Didn't Nigel do a great job as leader!

Nigel Farage - UKIP's very own emperor Commodus in more ways than one!

Commodus was paranoid, incompetent and a degenerate. Sound familiar?

But is Lord Pearson destined to be our Romulus Augustulus? The last leader of a once great empire?

And now you know why UKIP was not crowing about a surge in membership requests after the Euro elections.


Generalissimo Election said...

How bizarre when UKIP leaders constantly boast about huge surges in membership after successful campaigns. But June wasn't really a success was it? Virtually no increase in their vote despite the press attacking other parties over expenses but ignoring Mote, Tom Wises's impending trial, OLAF investigations et., etc.

Decline and fall!

Jo said...

Turnout was about 62%. The 74% was based on the ERS's prior unofficial estimate of what turnout was going to be. I think 15,800-15,900 were eligible to vote in the leadership election (can't remember the exact figure off the top of my head). Although during the frozen membership period (during the leadership election ) Membership jumped due to Dave's U-Turns and our newspaper ads. Membership is now remaining roughly constant at around 16,300 depending on the time of the month.


Jo said...
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Junius said...

If the membership has increased why is UKIP not crowing about the surge in support?

They are not because it did not happen!

Jo said...

I just told you what happened !

Membership is remaining strong

Greg L-W. said...


unfortunately for Jo as a spokesman for EUkip they have told so very many lies and have so many dishonest members of their leadership, NEC, paid praise singers and parasites there seems to be no one gullible enough to believe them any more.

Consider FACTS about EUkip membership:
More ex members than members
More enemies betrayed than activists
5 ex members of every current member
almost no activists of consequence.
No MEPs of consequence or gravitas
Their only allies who will sit with them are the scum of EUropean Politics.
No consequential positive articles in the media.
No broadsheet support.
Still no competent leadership.

Sorry Jo - just a foot note in political history - the party that committed suicide in pursuit of greed and one man's ego!

It is now clear due to the failure of Pearson, as predicted, that EUkip is probably past revivification.

16 years and not a single solitary achievement of note save the making of many enemies from amongst its ranks of dedicated supporters an entire party betrayed by the scum that floated to the top, attracted by the weakness and lack of Officer Qualities of a failed leader gathering as support only those who stood to gain - hated by his close associates who constantly supply factual information to the blogs - The true supporters of UKIP who would return to support UKIP TOTALLY if it was cleaned up and the scum skimmed off of EUkip!

In the mean time Jo it is pretty safe to assume any statements coming from EUkip are lies or distortions. Anyone can spin figures days after the event!!!

However you cut it based on the votes cast 74% of the total makes the membership about 13,500 - a catastrophic collapse and that is based on The Electoral Reform Society who were called in because even EUkip's supporters and the canndidates KNEW they could not trust EUkip to run a fair and honest election.

£11,000 invested to have some nobody calling themselves Jo spin figures telling us to believe them rather than The ERS - Yeah, highly believable.

& EUkip want the public to believe them! Just look at the damage Croucher is doing to EUkip with his vendetta and attempt to corrupt due process, just look at the lies told that earned a Guilty verdict and a £3/4Million debt, just consider yet another Guilty verdict for irresponsibility and breech of trust under the Data Protection Act, Just consider the 38,000 votes lost to EUkip because of dishonesty in putting the liar and cheat Bannerman as top of the Eastern Region list.

Just howmany votes were lost across Britain by the corrupt leadership selection and the lies to bully through the destructive lists and the betrayal of the members with the utterly discreditted Marta Andreasen with her lies and distortions.

EUkip is good at making enemies but not doing very well at making friends.

Is it any surprise Jo that you too are thought of as a liar - but no doubt you are paid well to do their dirty work whilst they frequent the bars and bordellos of Brussels.

Greg L-W.