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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Mark Croucher: UKIP employee and Farage’s smear master

Mark Croucher is working for UKIP. Forget his denials. Forget his lies. Forget his spin. Here is the proof:

Press Attaché CROUCHER Mark


Tel: (32-2) 28-32517 Int. phone: Bru Email:

He is representing UKIP and their associates in the EFD. How ironic! The self-proclaimed anti-fascist warrior is now quite happy to represent fascists such as the Lega Nord! What will his friends at Searchlight say about this U-turn? Clearly Croucher's anti-fascist credentials are dictated by the size of his pay cheque!

And now for the latest news to reach Junius from the bars in Brussels………

Croucher has another job. He works for Farage. His job entails gathering ‘private information’ on UKIP MEPs, their employees and various senior UKIPPERS. This ‘private information’ can then be used against them if they dare to defy His Highness.

Farage is already threatening Nikki Sinclaire. Sadly for him the non-story about her bankruptcy had already been made public by GLW on his blog.

Farage’s attempt to control her failed miserably.

Farage is abusing his position as chairman of the EFD in order to deliberately smear a fellow MEP. This is in direct opposition to a guarantee given by Lord Pearson to several members deeply concerned by Farage's stranglehold on the party.

Lord Pearson would be wise to remove Farage at the earliest possible opportunity.



Greg L-W. said...


obviously Junius is missing out on beauty sleep as this was posted at 00:38hrs. Strasbourg. Waaaay past his bed time!!!!!! Which no doubt accounts for the errors.

DO NOT wish Farage on the BDF there are more than enough liars there already functioning under the utterly dishonest protection of such dishonest cheats and low lifes as Anthony Butcher & Brendan Padmore.

Proven liars such as Croucher and his alter ego Septik, Denny, McGough, Matt Davis, Nuttall and the like.

I think you will find Croucher is paid out of a levy on the EFD MEPs - ironic isn't it that the trash that are the EUkip MEPs and not one of them can you trust - not one of them seems to be of a caliber you would want as a town councilor let alone a county councilor!

Ironic when you think they are paying the wages of someone to sweewp through the gutters to collect material Farage can bully and blackmail them with!

I expect Croucher has been claiming great glory for having found out about Nikki Sinclaire's Bankruptcy in 2005 when I knew about it at the time and published it with the details on my blog last week when I heard a little claque of gutter rats were trying to make capital out of it - little did I realise one of those gutter rats was Farage.

IF I have time I will try to publish more about this tonight but I do have bigger issues to deal with!

Panic not Junius I too make typos but thankfully to date in over 750 postings I have NEVER, lied, misled or deliberately misguided anyone. I HAVE been asked to make 3 corrections, all minor and in all cases the changes were made within 15mins. of having the facts verified including one where I believe I was correct but it seemed irrelevant one way or the other.

Anyway - thanks for the info. Junius, it confirms material I have heard from a completely different source in Strasbourg. More later!!!

Greg L-W.

Junius said...

It was a long day!