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Monday, 28 December 2009

More on UKIP's fascist links

The League of Empire Loyalists was formed in 1954. It campaigned for the preservation of white supremacy over the "Commonwealth".

It was formed by disgruntled Tories, in an attempt to influence Conservative Party policy (where have we heard that one before?).

It is generally remembered for its neo-Nazi associations - Colin Jordan, the leader of the British National Socialist Movement was a prominent member, as was John Tyndall, the founder of the BNP.

Now it gets interesting.... again, Junius is privy to conversations in London clubs. Not the East India this time - we never really liked it there. It is shabby, and the tatty old bar is frequented by smelly pipe smokers! No, this time to the Carlton Club, that bastion of conservatism.

Discussion a few nights ago centered around the League of Empire Loyalists, and a particular faction, that fancied itself to be a part of Gladio, the Cold war resistance organisation. Our source, formerly a member of the League, now an elderly Tory businessman, told us about this faction. "A bunch of military fantasists - always totally pissed, and centred on the TA. Real weekend warriors! They fancied that they would defend Blighty from the Commies and the Wogs when the balloon went up!" Apparently, even Jordan and the other Nazis thought this lot to be bonkers.

Why do we mention this?

Because one of the leading lights of this clique was the father of a senior UKIP MEP.

There has been been some discussion of this in the past, but now our friend in the Carlton Club has really allowed us to open this can of worms.

A disgruntled Tory faction starting something new in order to influence Conservative Party policy? Drunken fantasists? Closet racism? Does it ring any bells? It seems it runs in the family!

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Greg L-W. said...


that the sins of the father may be visited on the sons may well be Biblically sound but it is hardly Nigel's fault that his Father Guy was involved in a racist organisation, had a serious drink problem, was twice married leaving the Mother of his children and tended to inflate his achievements having been a L't'nt. in the TA!

That Nigel emulated his Father is hardly his Father's fault.

We note Farage has exploited his family friends, as with Buster Motram, has chosen to collude with racist, xenophobic violent extremists in the EU and included anti Jewish members in his Pan EU EFD Political Party.

That he has what would seem a familial/genetic predisposition to imaturity and an inability to act responsibly with regard to drink or duty.

That Farage has proved such an inadequate may well be genetic but be minded that we are all a product of our genetics and it is maybe better to berate a man for his own failings and behaviour than that of his parents.

In a reasonable society one should be judged by ones friends rather than ones ancestry - woops Croucher, Nuttall, Andreasen, Bannerman, Towler, Wise, Fuller, Mounsey, Bloom etc. - he can sure pick them!

Greg L-W.