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Sunday, 24 June 2012

UKIP: More risible election results

Hertfordshire County Council

Con 1413
Lab 693
LD 456
Green 180
UKIP 151
Ind 61

UKIP Share 5.1%

Woodhall Farm, Dacorum BC.

Con 566
Lab 406
LD 70
EDP 47
Green 24

UKIP Share 3.8%

Dudley - Norton

Con 1375
Lab 633
LD 259
UKIP 229
Grn 143
NF 47

UKIP Share 8.5%

Elmbridge - Esher

Con 711
RA 665
Lab 91

UKIP Share 2.0%

Only in Huntingdonshire did UKIP enjoy a reasonable election result. However, it should be noted that only 25.57% of those able to vote bothered to do so. And this result was a statistical anomally when compared to UKIP's showing in other council elections.

Huntingdonshire, Earith

Con 524
UKIP 437 (36.3%)
Lab 96
LD 92

For more on this see: LINK

1 comment:

Sean O'Hare said...

Surely that just demonstrates that the people of Huntingdon have woken up whereas the rest haven't yet?