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Thursday, 28 June 2012

UKIP: Strange bedfellows!

The UKIP website contains some reference to the recent Irish referendum on the Fiscal Treaty. Paul Nuttall makes some comments. The website of the far-right EFD group in the European Parliament, to which UKIP belongs, and of which Nigel Farage is co-president, does likewise.

But UKIP's involvement in that referendum campaign runs deeper. Much deeper.

What Nigel Farage does not want you to know is that he has used this campaign to forge links with Irish Republicans.

Our photograph, which does not appear on UKIP's website for obvious reasons, shows Farage with some rather obnoxious characters.

Here we have Anthony Coughlan. He is certainly a vocal, and highly articulate, eurosceptic. But let us look deeper. Coughlan was a key figure in the Provisional IRA front group, the Connolly Association. He was also involved with the Wolfe Tone Society, which campaigned for the 'rights' of IRA prisoners. Those are the very people that murdered British soldiers, and innocent women and children in pursuit of their Marxist aims. Wolfe Tone himself was a convicted traitor, who died of illness before the just sentence of execution could be carried out. He once stated that his hatred of England had always been "rather an instinct than a principle".

We also note the presence in this picture of Hermann Kelly, UKIP/EFD press officer, who once wrote of Coughlan that he is "a good friend of mine".

Some interesting stuff here:

No wonder that Farage has remained silent on the matter of HM meeting the verminous murderer Martin McGuiness, he has himself been breaking bread with the same people. Look at the picture, and see how Farage is leaning forward to get his face in front of the camera. It is all about him, as far as he is concerned.

Farage, whilst he has never served himself, and whilst his father left the TA under a cloud of alcoholism, and tainted by his League of Empire Loyalist/National Front connections, likes to be associated with the troops. We wonder how his 'friends' in the mob will react to his closeness to the IRA!

Also present in the picture is Morten Messerchmidt (or Harry Heinkel, as Farage calls him behind his back). Messerschmidt personifies the EFD group. With his conviction for incitement to racial hatred, and the fact that he was forced to resign his government job after being seen "Heiling Hitler" in a Copenhagen bar, he really sums up this vile little group of violent extremists.


Greg_L-W. said...


injdeed 'Strange bedfellows' and as a Party Leader representing others it is unwise to let ones own moralirty dominate for I understand Nigel Farage is politically willing to consort with anyone who will pay him, as with The EFD members of whom he is a leader comprising racists, bigots, anti homosexuals, xenophobes, Holocaust deniers, anti Jewish and all manner of sordid low lifes.

Irt is widely published Farage is indeed a good performing monkey and so attested by a prostitute with whom he consorted who used her body to sell her story to The News of The World.

As to Prof. Anthony Coglan I found him errudite, informed, urbane, charming and with something of a golden tongue in contrasting his discussion when I have dined with him.

I also found him an incredibly well informed opponent of EU membership and he was imensly helpful to me in our attempts to oppose The EU's required devolution of Wales.

That I have co-operated with and received assistance from a Professor at an Irish University gives me little concern and to have risen within Eire it is clear he would have had some sympathy with the IRA position.

I am happy to be quoted as having received assistance in my opposition to EU membershipd from one of the leading EUroSceptics in Eire.

That he wasassociated with the IRA comes as no surprise but as I have made clear I violents (and I use the term specifically) oppose organised terrorism that targetsthe inocent in the cowardly manner espoused by The IRA and for that matter certain other factions in Ireland, both North and South.

Assuming the information regarding Prof. Coglans IRA leanings is true and he and others took great risks to liberate their homeland from association with Westminster it is astonishing they have permitted their homeland to fall into the thrall of as malign and centralised a scam as The EU which has no interest in Ireland beyond as a lure to hook Britain ever more damagingly.

The rest of the seedy associates of Farage give greater concern than that so prominent a EUroSceptic as Anthony C. was at the same table.

Imagine for a moment just how badly it reflects on UKIP to have some of Farage's other garbage in tow - the likes of the liar and fraud Marta Andreasen, the serial drunk Godfrey Bloom with his odious personal life and standards, the various rejects Farage has placed in his Press Office from Croucher, Page, Fuller, Kelly and similar trash - Just what likelihood is there that UKIP under its present leadership will EVER make any meaningful progress in British domestic politics.

Just look at the garbage being dredged up as candidates for elections little wonder only 9 out of 4,987 seats were won by UKIP!

Now there is the prospect of serial rejects like Hamilton, Helmer, Swann and a host of others being the new golden wonders for Farage's party.

As I have often said 'On a good day there is no doubt Farage is a good performing monkey but he sure to hell is no organ grinder and can not even be trusted to collect the money from the audience'!

I look forward to the continued support of Prof. Anthony Coglan and his intellectual input in Britain's struggle for liberty as with his superlative expose of The Lisbon Treaty (aka. EU Constitution).

However I represent my own views and values and my own revulsion of both The EU and The IRA, unlike Farage who surrendered his independence as soon as he drew his income from the public purse as a representative of others and again I am unimpressed by Farage's choice of bedfellows - though to be fair I have NEVER respected any of his associates just like the majority of the electorate - hence constant catastrophic domestic election results are the mark of his party.


Sean O'Hare said...

Wolf Tone was an Irish patriot. You say that he died of "illness" with the implication that he died of syphilis or some such. Nothing could be further from the truth. He requested that he be shot rather than hanged. This was denied and he managed to commit suicide by slitting his throat. Hardly a cowardly act!

Sean O'Hare said...

Wolf Tone was an Irish patriot. You say that he died of "illness" with the implication that he died of syphilis or some such. Nothing could be further from the truth. He requested that he be shot rather than hanged. This was denied and he managed to commit suicide by slitting his throat. Hardly a cowardly act!

Greg_L-W. said...


SO'H - why would illness be an inference of 'syphilis or some such' I know many people who have died of illnes but not a single one was died of syphilis.

Was Wolf Tone a patriot? I understood he saw himself and presented himself as a Nationalist, a very different station on the political spectrum, more naturally based upon a hatred of other nationalities than of the inclusive generosity of love of ones own as in patriotism.