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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

UKIP: Monckton, McKenzie and the Twilight of the Living Dead

Monckton Madness

Several UKIPPERS have contacted us to point out that Monckton no-longer holds a position of power within UKIP. So being leader of UKIP Scotland isn't important?

The handful of members (6 old men, 10 sheep and a haggis) north of the border won't be happy with being dismissed like that!

Winston McKenzie

We note that Mr McKenzie has been accused of over spending in his bid to be elected to the London Assembly. ELCOM is now looking into the allegations.

And finally........

Congratulations to Nigel on successfully winning an audition to star in 'Shaun of the Dead 2'. We understand that the forthcoming film will feature Nigel doing what he does best - stumbling around, grunting, collapsing into gutters, soiling himself and trying to grope women.

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